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Jain Derasar

pooja thakkar
Must do - Must buy - Must go Specialities Bandhini is undoubtedly a specialty of Jamnagar and leaving Jamnagar without purchasing the colorfully dyed material would leave the trip without its proper closure. Best Bandhini Work for saris and dresses - Mahavir Stores which is not exactly a store but a two-storeyed store located near Jain Derasar and the Chandi Galli. All the locals swear by its credibility and purity and is a must go. They have a plethora of variety in saris,materials etc and picking one atleast is inevitable (Old Mahavir stores is shifted is relocated closeby.) Chandi Payals - Another elongated and scrawny lane which all jamnagris swear by is the Chandi Galli. It claims to have some of the purest works in Silver and Gold however it boasts more of Silver. The payals come in cheap and affordable and some of them have really good designs. Bargaining is allowed at most of the places and one mustn't risk spending much there. My best bet was lovely silver payal.