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Teen Batti

pooja thakkar
Where to stay? You will be surrounded by Rickshaw walas and Chakda walas (yes that's what the local vehicle is called) as soon as you step out of the station like a piece of jaggery encircled by flies. Asking them for good hotels will land you only at a hotel where you will be paying commission for your chakdawala. We did that mistake; you don’t do it and read this article instead to exactly know where to stay. So the best way to go about is that you tell them confidently that you want to go to Teen Batti area (which is about 5km and has most of the decent hotels). The fares should be nothing more than rupees 10 per person for the journey if the chakdawala is trying to squeeze in 6-8 ppl in the chakda. However if you want to book the entire Chakda for yourself rupees 80 is what they will demand and only little bargaining is possible. Lots of drivers will crowd around you while you talk to one so figure a way out to talk to talk to them one at a time. Then after good 15 - 20 minute ride you land at Teen Batti area which pretty much looks like a junction and around it you will find Madras Hotel (which is famous in jamnagar ironically) and Rajmahal for dining. For stay your first option should be Punit hotel located 3 minutes from Madras Hotel if you are looking for a slightly high end stay with big Ac rooms’ charges at Rs. 800 per room and a suite for 4 pax would be 2k inclusive of taxes. The rooms and services both are good however it would be good to check it out before one pays for it. Another slightly up-scale hotel would be Kirti Hotel again situated at the junction and diagonally opposite to Punit hotel at a distance of 3-4 mins. Prices are around the same with a few bucks here and there however there is a little scope of bargaining here. Cheaper ones would be Kum Kum Hotel and Araam guest house in the same vicinity but once again, please ensure you see the rooms before you pay if you are picky about mediocrity. Food in the hotels would definitely be expensive and worthless so the best option is to jump to the local Brahmaniya Thali Lodge which is at the distance of Hop Skip and Jump from Kirti Hotel. The food is sumptuous, light on the stomach and conveniently priced at Rs120 for an unlimited Gujarati Thali which includes three vegetables (Two normal and one pulses or Chana) one farsan (could be Khandvi, Dhokla, Bhajiya etc), lots of chaas which becomes really interesting after a dash of jeera powder, Ghee wala phulkas (Tiny, thin, soft and light rotis), Kadhi (something to look out for because of its unmatchable taste) daal , Rice, papad, onions, pickles, chutney etc. Unfortunately the sweets are chargeable at Rs. 40/- but it has a lot of variety as well. Another locality for food is the street opposite of Govind hospital which one sees enroute while travelling from Station to Teen Batti area. One would also find lots of street food options near the Masjid near Chandi Bazaar, the thela of Vegetable Cone is a look-out for.