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Al'Aqsa Mosque

Fatema Diwan
One of the most auspicious and holy sites for Muslims all around the world, the Al Aqsa Mosque is an ancient architectural beauty. The Al Aqsa mosque has a strong influence in the history of Islam. All the prayers were directed here before the Kaaba was built in Mecca. As a Legend goes, Prophet Muhammad was transported here by the angels from Mecca to protect him from his enemies. The Friday prayers at the Aqsa Mosque sees an overflowing crowd of people (32% of the population of Jerusalem are Muslim). Nearby is the Dome Of Rock, the place where the Prophet Muhammad is said to have been transported. The whole area is called The Noble Sanctuary including the mosque. Al-Aqsa was of great significance to me not only as a Muslim, but even as a traveler. It is a peek into one of the most significant aspects of Islam and a discovery of one of the three major parts of Jerusalem.