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Church of the Holy Sepulcher

There is an area where the crucifix was placed. There was a hole that you could crawl through to touch and pray on the actual rock that the crucifix was placed in. The line was enormous so I didn't go but EW went to say his prayers. Whatever, I can express my own beliefs if I want to. I have a very scientific mind and would like to know where exactly the actual dead body is. It would be a historical find. And if stupid religious people are hiding it somewhere just for the sake of people believing that he did rise from the dead, then that is the stupidest thing EVER.
Fatema Diwan
Entering the Christian quarter of the old city of Jerusalem, the Basilica Of The Holy Sepulcher is the said place of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus Christ. While this is a highly debated fact (as some claim the true actual burial site is the Garden Tomb, situated in Jerusalem too), the significance of this place cannot be disregarded. Nor can it's beauty. Built in a Romanesque and Baroque architecture style, this church is an important pilgrimage destination for the Christians since the 4th century. There is a rock cut tomb inside the church, which was initially left open, but is now protected by a small structure. While the church is pretty modest, and would be quite plain in comparison to the exquisite churches of Europe, the faith and prayers are what make it serene and holy. There are more candles than you can count. Even if you don't belong to that faith, the tranquility and beauty of the place is not to be missed. Not to mention it introduces you to an integral part of Christianity.