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Garden of Gethsemane

Further down the hill we celebrated Mass at the Church of all nations –garden of Gethsemane. The church is surrounded by magnificent olive trees, some as old, perhaps, as 2,000 years. If only they could talk and bring us back in time when the Lord suffered alone with His apostle’s asleep. At the end of the Mass, each person knelt before the stone where Jesus experienced His agony. As each person touched the stone, you could see vividly their faith and their desire to understand just a little better all that Christ did for us out of love. After the mass we headed towards the Wailing Wall the most sacred site for the Jews , a place of high emotion and prayer. After lunch we visited the Church of the Birth of John the Baptist at Ein Karem (Vinyard Spring) .Our final stop was the Church of the Visitation. Mary walked all the way from Nazareth -- about 90 miles -- to be with Elizabeth. That distance gives us an inkling of Mary's charity and concern for others. My prayer is that we can each have a share of Mary's love in our love for others. We concluded our visit to the church by praying the Angelus.Day five started with visiting Bethany village. This village was the home of Jesus’ friends, Martha, Mary and Lazarus and is situated on the far side of the Mount of Olives. We celebrated mass t the chapel and prayed to be always faithful to Christ just as his friends were to him. We then climbed down to Lazarus’ Tomb there were steep steps leading down to the rock chamber and it gives a good idea of what a tomb of the time would have looked like.