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Mount of Olives

Munjal Desai
We went to the Mount of Olives and got panoramic view of Jerusalem. I recommend to go to Mount of Olives in the morning as you won't be facing against the direct sunlight. It will be difficult to get the panoramic pictures of Jerusalem in the evening from Mount of Olives. Surprisingly, Mount of Olives comes under Palestine which is considered to be an occupied territory. We went to the Old City of Jerusalem and went to the Western Wall. Western Wall is the holiest site in Judaism. The wall has been a site for Jewish prayer and pilgrimage for centuries. It was time for holy site of Christianity. We went to see Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It is the same place where Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. In the evening, I went for a stroll on the Bridge of Strings which looked most beautiful under the lightings.I genuinely feel that 1 day was not sufficient for Jerusalem. However, due to time constraints I had to manage it somehow.
this city has to be on everybody's bucket list because it is beyond words and explanation. As a non-believer, I expected to not enjoy myself very much but ended up having the time of my life! Our first stop was to Mount Olives where we saw all of old Jerusalem. 100,000 tombs of corpses waiting for the doors of Jerusalem to open. The tombs on the bottom of the mountain are like thousands of years old! Some of the newer tombs. They are super expensive because space is limited on the mountain.
Fatema Diwan
If there is one city in the world that you have to see as a whole, it is Jerusalem. While you are on the ground, going from one quarter to another, it may seem like you are in different cities at one time. No two areas of Jerusalem look the same. The Mount of Olives, the highest point of the city is where you will see Jerusalem as a whole, as one city. It almost feels like a puzzle with different aspects joining together, and the view will help you respect the rich diversity of the place. The mountain is adjacent to the old city and is named after Olive groves, that once covered the area. The mountain also has a 3000 year old Jewish Cemetery and is of much significance to the Christians as many of Jesus' life events mention this place, including his ascension to Heaven.