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The Wailing Wall

Next, we visited the Wailing Wall which is now called the Western wall. It was the wall that the Jews cried upon when everything else in their city was destroyed. It is a holy wall that many people come to pray to. You must be covered when you enter the vicinity of the wall. EW standing in front of the Wailing Wall. Shame on you EW! You're not supposed to turn your back to the Wailing Wall. It's like turning your back to God! You're actually supposed to walk away from it backwards. The wall is separated into a female and male section so that neither sex distracts the other from prayer. You can see all of the guys praying on the wall behind EW. They have all written a tiny note of prayers which they fold and put into a crack in the wall.
Fatema Diwan
Judaism is the dominant religion of Jerusalem. The 64% strong Jewish Population is reason enough to call the Wailing Wall an important monument. Built by Herod the Great, also called the Western Wall, this is the primary structure of importance for Jews all around the world. This wall is supposed to have a divine presence and is said to be a remnant of the Temple built by King Soloman. It is also the place for the prophesized third temple of Soloman. Thousands of Jewish pilgrims are seen praying here each day. The wall is quite long as some part of it (called the Little Wailing wall) extends to the Muslim quarter too. The sheer spiritual energy of the place is reason enough to get here!