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Via Dolorosa (Way of the Cross)

We went from here to walk the Via Dolorosa. The street was bustling with people, probably not unlike in the time of Christ. However now there are also cars and motorbikes and carts and bicycles weaving their way through the narrow streets. We sang and prayed at each of the stations. For some in our group walking is a difficulty, a real cross, but they stayed the course, a sign of their faith. We ended at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, in the Crusader Church at the site of the empty tomb. That empty tomb is the foundation of our faith and the blessed assurance that death does not prevail but is life in the risen Christ. The Sepulchre church is divided into different sections, each directed by one of the Christian faiths.We all climbed the steep staircase to Golgotha where Christ was crucified with prayer on our lips and faith in our hearts. I was moved to see the faith of our people at Mass in the empty tomb and on Golgotha. The day ended with a very powerful experience of the life of Christ. Each station of the cross passing through the Via Dolorosa was a witness to how much Christ loves us. It is a feeling never to be forgotten in a lifetime.The week has been very powerful for all of us, seeing and hearing so many things. We have walked the Way with Christ and, hopefully, have grown in our love for all that Christ did for us. The Scriptures will never be the same for us. We have seen what they describe in the scriptures.It was our last day and as we were leaving the mountain pathways of Jerusalem for Jordan, the Gospels were coming to life as we traveled and learned about the Holy Land. It is truly a blessing to travel the walk of Christ and feel and sense His message to all ages.