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Western Wall

ANshul Sharma
After reaching the city we headed for the old town again (because why not). This time we decided to see the western wall. You are not advised to go there on Saturday because its better to leave the people alone playing on their holy day. The Jewish quarters of Old city Jerusalem are beautiful. It was like a big house with stairs around and galleries and small terraces over looking the western wall. I fell in love with the ambience. After a while People were flocking from all directions to the Western Wall to pray. It was the best moment of my whole trip. To see them together in arms (you can see it in the video linked above). You could see the orthodox jews near the wall and the liberal ones who were singing songs in circles.
kritidipta Lahkar
10. The Final Destination i.e. Temple Mount- This place is considered Holiest for thousands of years by all the three faiths- Judaism, Christianity & Islams. According to Judaism, this is the place where God created the first human being.