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Shreya Nandy
Our driver had a company of two local youths who kindly showed us the more adventurous way of proceeding inside the thick 'sal-bon' which goes by the side of the SAIL siding and amidst many open-air iron ore mines. It's guaranteed that the ride on the broken jungle path will excite you and you'll rare to photograph the bleak topography of the mines. But better not because photographing mines are not allowed. Even a few years back this area was riddled with the naxals. It's only now that there's no immediate threat to the tourists and all these areas can be visited without worries.After entering the thick forests of Thalkobad, we stopped at an old and dilapidated British era watchtower. Yayyy! This was our spot for picnic lunch. Surrounded by towering trees and hiding animals, we had our food. We made sure that we carry all our garbage back with us and not litter the forest floor. Post lunch, we'd to do a little exercise to shake off our lethargy.
Shreya Nandy
Meghahatuburu and Kiriburu are situated at an elevation of 550 mt where the SAIL mines are located. We're headed there to visit the scenic village of Thalkobad. Keep some extra time on hand this day because of endless photocopies you've to supply to the Kiriburu Forest Dept and CRPF gate to secure an entry to the forest. The road will take you through Bolani, the mining township at the base of the hill. The road is maintained well and you'll enjoy that there are no traffic lights or speed bumps are also limited. The drive was great especially after entering the forest and negotiating the bendy roads.
Jharkhand and Odisha has many hidden gems that are least explored. Mostly tribal areas surrounded by hills and forests these places are delight for the travellers. Meghataburu is Singbhum district of Jharkhand is one such place. “Buru” literally means hillock and “meghata” means clouds. Meghataburu is thus a place surrounded by hillocks and adorned by the clouds. Yes, you can say, it is the Cherrapunji of the Jharkhand district. True to its name, the town is remains covered by a blanket of cloud most of the times.