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A heavily loaded truck comes straight for our car through the winding roads Jharkhand has a mix of both green and barren landscape....

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Ghatshila is very near to Kolkata though it's in Jharkhand....

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Getalsud Dam, Jharkhand 835103
Massanjore Dam, Jharkhand 835228, India
Massanjore Dam[edit] From the counterpart rupee fund created through supplies of wheat and other materials from Canada for use in India, Canada devoted those rupees to the further development of the Mayurakshi dam project.[6] The Massanjore dam (also called Canada Dam), across the Mayurakshi, was commissioned in 1955. It was formally inaugurated by Lester B. Pearson, Foreign Minister of Canada.[7] Unfortunately, the Massanjore dam located near Dumka in the state of Jharkhand (erstwhile Bihar) was not allowed to have any flood reserve. Simultaneously with construction of dams the state government in 1956, selectively took over flood control embankments till then maintained by the landlords or local bodies.[5] Massanjore dam is about 38 kilometres (24 mi) upstream from Siuri in West Bengal. It is 47 metres (155 ft) high from its base and is 660 metres (2,170 ft) long. The reservoir has an area of 67.4 square kilometres (16,650 acres) when full and has a storage capacity of 620,000,000 cubic metres (500,000 acre·ft). It had cost Rs. 16.10 crore.
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With 29 per cent of the population belonging to one of 30 tribal communities in Jharkhand, the charm of one of India’s youngest states lies in its strong tribal identity. Travellers immerse themselves completely in the age-old rituals, traditional music, local cuisine, and oral literature when they get here. Some major tribes in Jharkhand, namely the Santhals, Oraons, Mundas, and Hons, are distinct in their lifestyles, festivals, and occupation, and are a treat for the culturally inclined to experience. They like to display creativity in their ornamentation, art work (bamboo and wood work), and community dance forms including the Chhou dance that’s typically performed by the Saraikela and Charinda communities. This photograph was taken in Ranchi as the dancers prepared for the festivities to begin.

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