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Early morning
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Explore the ruins, relax
September - February
Families, Couples
8 out of 88 attractions in Jodhpur

Mandore Gardens

Mandore Garden is a sightseeing place in Jodhpur and one that is at its best during early morning hours. There are memorials and temples in this garden that is more like a gem on the crown. However, most of the temples are empty or are either in ruins, it is still something that will interest the historical buffs. Well again, there are quite a number of monkeys roaming about in the garden. A few hours is all you need for this place where you can explore through a walking tour and even sit and relax for a while of the weather suits.
Himani Singla
The next day, after breakfast, we decided to start our exploration of Jodhpur by visiting the famous Mandore Gardens, a heritage spot. Mandore is known to be Ravana's wife Mandodri's hometown.Located at a distance of 9Km from Jodhpur city, this garden is famous for its lawns, architecture, cenotaphs, hall of heroes, a govt museum and the shrine of 300 million Hindu Gods.The cenotaphs are multistorey, and give the impression of presence of multiple temples in one same complex. Also, you'll find dozens of Langur monkeys at the entry gate.Additionally, You can climb the hill, and see the ruins of Mandore Fort and Ravana temple. The place is definitely a photographer's delight.Timings: 8am to 7pmTime required: 3 hoursEntry fee: Nil
Gurii vlogs
Mandore is situated in Jodhpur at five miles north. Maharajas of Mandore is the previous capital of Mandore Garden. Later the place was deserted for safety concerns in respect of the Mehrangarh Fort. The voluminous Mandore Garden, with its high rock paved landscape, makes it one of the Best Places to visit in Rajasthan.Location: Mandore Garden is located at Mandore in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.Best time to visit: It is best to visit Mandore which is located near the Thar Desert during the months in between October to March.
Isha Gupta
5.Mandore Garden- Mandore garden is known as the birthplace of Ravana's wife mandodari and is the collection of beautiful temples and memorials of the Marwar dynasty. This place is very beautiful and is one of my favorites in Jodhpur. This place has a great history and is awesome for photography 📷.
Vikram Mn
Next was Mandore gardens which was like 7 Km from the city. It's a nice little park/fort/museum. You're going to read a lot about this combination below. We had pudina lime soda outside to quench our thirst which was fabulous with black salt, pudina, lime and soda. As soon as we entered there were people playing a Hindustani instrument which was great to hear but the sad fact was it was a disguise in which they were asking for alms. We got a few photos clicked and there was a museum but other than that there wasn't much to see and museums are something you got to take time off and see. Not in a hurry.
Tatwadarsi Dash
Do I need to put any words for this place ? When I got into this place I was pretty sure that " This is the place of this trip". I was getting goosebumps as if I was roaming in any Roman city. It was post midday and Sun was benevolently flaunting its self thus creating a magnum atmosphere. I was spell bound by seeing the architectural marvelous of this place. It was a perfect combination of art and beauty. A photographers paradise indeed.Note : Beware of monkeys in Mandore garden.