Mandore Gardens 1/8 by Tripoto
Early morning
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Explore the ruins, relax
September - February
Families, Couples
8 out of 88 attractions in Jodhpur

Mandore Gardens

Mandore Garden is a sightseeing place in Jodhpur and one that is at its best during early morning hours. There are memorials and temples in this garden that is more like a gem on the crown. However, most of the temples are empty or are either in ruins, it is still something that will interest the historical buffs. Well again, there are quite a number of monkeys roaming about in the garden. A few hours is all you need for this place where you can explore through a walking tour and even sit and relax for a while of the weather suits.
Shashank Sinha
4) Mandore Gardens:The bygone capital of the Jodhpur Kings, it's an amazing yet abandoned destination in Jodhpur. Often you won't read much about it anywhere and the garden itself might not seem well kept if you do visit there. However, the ruins are eerily breathtaking.No Entry Fee
Priya Parashar
We then headed towards Mandore Gradens. It has a museum, a ‘Hall of Heroes’ dedicated to Rajput heroes from popular folklore and a temple dedicated to the 33 crore Gods. Lot of monkeys around. Though dirty and seemed neglected, you can visit if you have time. Remember to have a to and fro transport because finding anything here is very difficult. Tourists were very low.
Sabyasachi Mukherjee
Beautiful Architecture Faded with timeMandore Garden was once the capital of Rathore. It has enormous collections of temples and chhatris. They were constructed in the honorable memory of all the rulers of that period. It also consists of an Ravan temple, which the locals believed as the native place of Ravan's wife Mandodari.We reached to this very beautiful place around 5 pm, special thanks to Air India which got delayed by an hour. The place went dimmed when we arrived, as a result we couldn't capture the scenic beauty of the wonderful place through my lens. Although, I will suggest you to visit this wondrous place early where you can get adequate light. Also, there are grey patches all over the garden which made us little insecure to roam around when it was dark. Never the less, our Driver, Punamchand escorted us within the garden. He even shared the information of the garden and reason of its establishment.
Sreedevi Jeevan
2. Mandore Garden (8km from the city, takes an hour and a half to complete) - a collection of temples and memorials. There is a Ravan temple here since the place is believed to be the native place of Raavan's wife Mandodari.
Mandore, the former capital of the Marwar Maharajas, is about nine km north of Jodhpur. Its gardens are home to a temple for 330 million gods, as well as cenotaphs of several of Marwar's rulers.