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Early morning
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Explore the ruins, relax
September - February
Families, Couples
8 out of 88 attractions in Jodhpur

Mandore Gardens

Mandore Garden is a sightseeing place in Jodhpur and one that is at its best during early morning hours. There are memorials and temples in this garden that is more like a gem on the crown. However, most of the temples are empty or are either in ruins, it is still something that will interest the historical buffs. Well again, there are quite a number of monkeys roaming about in the garden. A few hours is all you need for this place where you can explore through a walking tour and even sit and relax for a while of the weather suits.
Harsh Sharma
These Gardens was Capital afterwards it was shifted to Mehrangarh Fort, the reason was that it would provide better defense as it is situated on top of a hill. The maintenance of this was not so good. However bad maintenance doesn't let the architecture of the place fade away at all.
The fact that the place is ruined now, is the reason Mandore does not get much tourist attention. An easily missed place in Jodhpur, the bygone magnificence needs immediate restoration and protection to hold its head high as the pride of Jodhpur.Photo journey of the yesteryear's royal Mandore GardenEk Thamba Mahal –This is a beautiful three storey pillar built in red stone. It was constructed in the reign of Maharaja Ajit Singh (1707-1724). It was believed to be a watch tower to keep an eye on the areas around. The construction with bird's eyes view window prove the same.
-Untidy and littered. People (usually locals) come to walk or picnic and litter the place. Several people feed langur, in-spite of the warning signs within the premises and hence the place is full of garbage.-No maintenance of the premises or monuments by the authorities. The architectural master pieces lie in ruins; dust and cobwebs with walls withering away. The park is half encroached by locals, bordering along the perimeter of the whole area.The temples/cenotaphs of the medieval age are the only saving grace which make a beautiful platform for photography.How to reach- Mandore Garden is fourteen kilometers from the north of Jodhpur city. It is easy to commute if you have your own vehicle, else very difficult to reach. Auto drivers charge exorbitantly high. Local buses are available otherwise.
neha ballal
This garden is like a memorial to the 64 queens and concubines who committed sati on Ajit Sighns death. It is situated 9km north of the center of Jodhpur. It was the capital of Marwar prior to the founding of Jodhpur.
Shashank Sinha
4) Mandore Gardens:The bygone capital of the Jodhpur Kings, it's an amazing yet abandoned destination in Jodhpur. Often you won't read much about it anywhere and the garden itself might not seem well kept if you do visit there. However, the ruins are eerily breathtaking.No Entry Fee