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3 out of 4 attractions in Junnar

Harishchandragad Fort

One of the major attractions of the city of Ahmednagar, this is an ancient fort and a favourite of adventure lovers. This is mainly famous for the Konkan Kada which is like a challenge for trekkers and also the temples inside. The Harishchandra Temple inside is a favourite of tourists and the other temples here include the Nandi and Shivline Temple. This fort covers a large area and encompasses a number of other ancient buildings and palaces. The three peaks here are the Taramati, Rohidas and Harishchanra and the Taramati peak is the higehest one. The Harishchandragad Fort is on the Malshej Ghat banks of the Junnar Region. As you reach the top of the peak and stand in front of the fort, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views of the Malshej Ghat, Jivdhan, Nane ghat, Kalsubai and many other places. So if you want to make your tour a little more thrilling then this is a must visit.
Kiran Shelke
It was Friday, the work day had ended early today and the time was half past three. Saturdays and Sundays are the weekly off. My mind started buzzling with an idea of a #trek. I called up Akshay, my trek buddy and asked him of his schedule. He too had the weekly off. The plan was decided and the destination was ‘Harishchandra Fort’. It is one of the difficult treks and one has to have good stamina to hike and climb the tall rocks.We packed our bags not to forget the tent and left for the bus stop. I didn’t take my bike as I knew that it would be hardly possible to ride it after being exhausted. I was travelling from Pune hence had to take the bus to Khireshwar village in Ahmednagar from Shivajinagar and the distance from Pune is almost 120 kilometres. It took almost four to five hours to reach the village which is at the footsteps of the fort.
Kiran Shelke
The fort is primordial with the remains of microlithic age. #Microliths are the small stone tools made by the humans some three thousand years ago. I got this information after I returned from the trip and the respect for it increased for me. I always feel lucky to visit and explore these places as it makes me realize that the humans today are all the billions of years of evolution and this mere thought makes me feel happy and blessed for being human.
Kiran Shelke
I could make out that the fort is ancient just by looking at an ancient temple of lord Shiva. The temple was the exquisite ‘Hemadpanti’ architecture with beautifully carved pillars in it. Other ravishing structure we saw was the cave in which a single carved pillar is standing out of four. It is said that the four pillars depicted the four ‘Yugas’ (Era). According to the Vedas, there were four yugas (Eras) of the world and after these, it would come to an end. Those are ‘Sat yug’, ‘Treta yug’, ‘Dvapar yug’ and ‘Kali yug’. So, the three pillars in this cave are fallen as these eras are bygone and the last one is going on hence the single pillar standing. Although a mythical story but interesting.
Swapnil Jagtap
we decided on a place which was going to be Harishchandragad.
Rohitkumar Thakur
origin of fort said to during 6th century which makes it quiet ancient. Fort has been under various rule including Marathas, mughals and english rule as wellPlaces to see :Saptatirtha : There is very good lake like structure at east of the temple known as Saptatirtha. Some years back water was portable now its not idle for swim as well. I request trekkers to respect nature and do not throw plastic or garbage on beautiful spots.Kokan kada (cliff) : This is by far best spot on Harishchandragad. You get most beautiful view of the surrounding region and I bet you'll see best sunset of your life from here.