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Kalsubai Peak

📍 Kalsubai Peak, MaharashtraView map ›

🗓 Best Time To Visit:October to February

⏰ Open Hours:Open 24 hours

🏞 Things To Do:Trekking, Photography, Sightseeing, Camping

💰 Budget:N/A

👥 Traveller Types:Adventure Seekers, Nature Lovers, Photography Enthusiasts

🏅 Known For:Highest peak in Maharashtra, Scenic beauty, Challenging trek, Kalsubai Temple

🚉 Distances:From Mumbai: 153 km, From Pune: 180 km, From Igatpuri Railway Station: 45 km, From Nashik Airport: 60 km

📌 Trek Difficulty:Moderate

🌙 Overnight Stay:Camping available, No lodging facilities

👟 Trek Duration:4-5 hours

🥾 Gear Needed:Good trekking shoes, Water, Snacks, Torch, First-aid kit

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Kalsubai Peak: How to Conquer the Highest Peak in Maharashtra

Are you looking for an adventurous and rewarding trek in the Western Ghats? Do you want to witness the stunning views of the Sahyadri range and the Bhandardara lake from the top of the highest peak in Maharashtra? If yes, then you should definitely visit the Kalsubai Peak, which is also known as the Everest of Maharashtra. In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about the Kalsubai Peak Trek, including how to reach, what to expect, when to go, and what to do. Read on to find out why the Kalsubai Peak is a must-visit destination for every trekker and nature lover.


The Kalsubai Peak is the highest point in Maharashtra, with an elevation of 1,646 metres above sea level. It is located in the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary, in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The peak is named after Kalsubai Devi, a local deity who is believed to have lived on the mountain. There is a small temple dedicated to her on the summit, which attracts many pilgrims and devotees. The peak is also a popular trekking destination, as it offers a challenging and thrilling climb, along with spectacular views of the surrounding hills, valleys, and lakes.

The Kalsubai Peak Trek is suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers, as it has well-marked trails, iron ladders, and railings to assist the climbers. The trek can be done in a day, or as a part of a longer circuit that covers other nearby peaks, such as Alang, Madan, and Kulang. The Kalsubai Peak Trek is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will test your endurance, stamina, and courage, and reward you with unforgettable memories and breathtaking scenery.

How to Reach Kalsubai Peak

The base village for the Kalsubai Peak Trek is Bari, which is about 180 km from Mumbai and 190 km from Pune. You can reach Bari by either public transport or private vehicle, depending on your convenience and budget.

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By Public Transport

From Mumbai: You can take a train from Mumbai CST to Kasara, which takes about 2.5 hours. From Kasara, you can take a shared jeep or a bus to Bari, which takes about 1.5 hours. The total cost of the journey is around INR 200 per person.

From Pune: You can take a train from Pune Junction to Igatpuri, which takes about 4 hours. From Igatpuri, you can take a shared jeep or a bus to Bari, which takes about 1 hour. The total cost of the journey is around INR 300 per person.

By Private Vehicle

From Mumbai: You can drive from Mumbai to Bari via the Mumbai-Nashik Highway, which takes about 4 hours. The distance is about 180 km, and the toll charges are around INR 300.

From Pune: You can drive from Pune to Bari via the Pune-Nashik Highway, which takes about 5 hours. The distance is about 190 km, and the toll charges are around INR 400.

Kalsubai Peak Trek Route and Difficulty

The trek route from Bari to the Kalsubai summit is about 6 km long, and takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete, depending on your speed and fitness level. The trek route has an elevation gain of about 850 metres, and is considered to be of moderate to difficult level. The trek route can be divided into three sections: the initial climb, the plateau walk, and the final ascent.

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The Initial Climb

The initial climb starts from the Bari village, where you can register your name and pay a nominal entry fee of INR 50 per person. You can also hire a guide or a porter from the village, if you need any assistance or guidance. The guide charges are around INR 500 per group, and the porter charges are around INR 300 per bag. The initial climb is the steepest and the most challenging part of the trek, as it involves climbing over rocky patches, muddy slopes, and slippery steps. The climb is about 2 km long, and takes about 1.5 hours to complete. You will encounter four iron ladders on the way, which will help you to cross some of the difficult sections.

The ladders are sturdy and safe, but you should be careful and hold on to the railings while climbing. You will also pass by some small streams and waterfalls, where you can refill your water bottles and cool off. The initial climb will test your stamina and endurance, but you will be rewarded with some amazing views of the Bari village, the Bhandardara lake, and the surrounding hills.

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The Plateau Walk

The plateau walk is the easiest and the most relaxing part of the trek, as it involves walking on a flat and grassy terrain, with gentle slopes and curves. The plateau walk is about 2 km long, and takes about 1 hour to complete. You will enjoy the scenic beauty of the green meadows, the colorful flowers, and the grazing cattle. You will also spot some wildlife, such as monkeys, birds, and butterflies. The plateau walk is a great opportunity to take some pictures, have some snacks, and interact with other trekkers.

You will also come across a small hut, where you can buy some refreshments, such as tea, coffee, biscuits, and maggi. The hut is run by a local villager, who also offers camping and accommodation facilities for the trekkers. The camping charges are around INR 500 per person, and the accommodation charges are around INR 1000 per person. The plateau walk will give you a break from the strenuous climb, and prepare you for the final ascent.

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The Final Ascent

The final ascent is the most exciting and thrilling part of the trek, as it involves climbing to the summit of the Kalsubai Peak, where the Kalsubai Temple is located. The final ascent is about 2 km long, and takes about 1 hour to complete. You will encounter three more iron ladders on the way, which will help you to cross some of the steep and narrow sections.

The ladders are longer and higher than the previous ones, and can be quite intimidating for some trekkers. You should be confident and calm while climbing, and avoid looking down or sideways. You will also face some strong winds and cold temperatures, which can make the climb more challenging. You should wear warm clothes and cover your ears and nose. You will also need to be careful of the loose rocks and stones, which can cause injuries or accidents. The final ascent will test your courage and determination, but you will be rewarded with the ultimate achievement of reaching the highest peak in Maharashtra.

Best Time to Visit Kalsubai Peak

The best time to visit the Kalsubai Peak is during the winter season, which lasts from November to February. During this time, the weather is clear and pleasant, with an average temperature of 15°C. The visibility is high, and you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Sahyadri range and the Bhandardara lake from the summit. The winter season is also the most popular and crowded time to visit the Kalsubai Peak, as many trekkers and pilgrims flock to the peak to witness the sunrise and the sunset. You should book your tickets and accommodation in advance, and be prepared to face some traffic and queues on the way.

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The other seasons, such as monsoon and summer, have their own pros and cons for visiting the Kalsubai Peak. During the monsoon season, which lasts from June to September, the peak is covered with lush greenery, wildflowers, and waterfalls. The monsoon season is also the most adventurous and challenging time to visit the Kalsubai Peak, as the trek route becomes slippery, muddy, and foggy. You should wear proper shoes and clothes, and carry a raincoat and an umbrella. You should also be cautious of the leeches, snakes, and landslides, which can pose some risks and dangers. The monsoon season is also the least crowded and cheapest time to visit the Kalsubai Peak, as many trekkers and pilgrims avoid the peak due to the weather conditions. You can find some discounts and offers on the tickets and accommodation, and enjoy the trek without any hassle.

During the summer season, which lasts from March to May, the peak is dry and barren, with a few patches of grass and flowers. The summer season is also the hottest and most uncomfortable time to visit the Kalsubai Peak, as the temperature can rise up to 35°C. You should carry enough water and sunscreen, and avoid trekking during the afternoon. You should also be aware of the dehydration, heatstroke, and sunburn, which can affect your health and performance. The summer season is also the least scenic and attractive time to visit the Kalsubai Peak, as the views are dull and hazy. You can find some solitude and peace on the peak, as many trekkers and pilgrims skip the peak due to the heat.

Things to Do Near Kalsubai Peak

Apart from the Kalsubai Peak Trek, there are many other things to do near the peak, which will make your trip more enjoyable and memorable. Here are some of the attractions and activities that you can explore near the Kalsubai Peak:

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Bhandardara Lake

Bhandardara Lake, also known as Lake Arthur Hill, is a scenic reservoir located about 10 km from the Kalsubai Peak. The lake is surrounded by lush green hills, waterfalls, and forests, and offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere. You can enjoy boating, fishing, camping, and picnicking at the lake, or just admire the beauty of nature. The lake is also a popular spot for birdwatching, as you can spot many migratory and resident birds, such as kingfishers, herons, egrets, and ducks. The lake is also famous for its fireflies festival, which takes place in the month of June, when thousands of fireflies light up the night sky with their glowing bodies. You can book a fireflies tour from Bari village, or stay at a campsite near the lake to witness this magical phenomenon.

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Sandhan Valley

Sandhan Valley, also known as the Valley of Shadows, is a narrow gorge located about 9 km from the Kalsubai Peak. The valley is formed by the erosion of the rocks by the water flowing from the surrounding hills, and is about 2 km long and 200 feet deep. The valley is a paradise for adventure seekers, as it offers a thrilling and challenging trek, which involves descending into the valley, walking through the water, climbing over the boulders, and rappelling down the cliffs. The trek can be done in a day, or as a part of a longer circuit that covers other nearby peaks, such as Alang, Madan, and Kulang. The valley is also a great place to enjoy the natural beauty, as you can see the sun rays filtering through the narrow opening of the valley, creating a shadow effect. You can also spot some wildlife, such as lizards, frogs, and crabs, in the valley.

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Amruteshwar Temple

Amruteshwar Temple is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in the Ratanwadi village, about 9 km from the Kalsubai Peak. The temple is believed to be built in the 8th century by the Shilahara dynasty, and is a fine example of the Hemadpanthi style of architecture. The temple is made of black basalt stone, and has intricate carvings and sculptures of various deities, animals, and floral motifs. The temple is situated on the banks of the Pravara river, and is surrounded by lush green fields and hills. The temple is also the starting point of the trek to the Ratangad Fort, which is another popular attraction near the Kalsubai Peak.

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Umbrella Falls

Umbrella Falls is a beautiful waterfall located near the Wilson Dam, about 8 km from the Kalsubai Peak. The waterfall is formed by the overflow of the water from the dam, and falls from a height of about 500 feet. The waterfall resembles an umbrella, hence the name. The waterfall is best seen during the monsoon season, when the water level is high and the flow is strong. You can enjoy the view of the waterfall from a bridge near the dam, or get closer to the waterfall by taking a boat ride. The waterfall is also a great place to enjoy some photography, as you can capture the rainbow effect created by the water droplets and the sun rays.

Randha Falls

Randha Falls is another stunning waterfall located near the Bhandardara Lake, about 12 km from the Kalsubai Peak. The waterfall is formed by the Pravara river, and falls from a height of about 170 feet. The waterfall is one of the largest and the most scenic waterfalls in the region, and attracts many tourists and locals. You can enjoy the view of the waterfall from a viewing platform near the road, or get closer to the waterfall by taking a short hike. The waterfall is also a great place to enjoy some picnic, as there are some shops and stalls nearby that sell snacks and refreshments.


Alang-Madan-Kulang, also known as AMK, is a trio of peaks located in the Kalsubai range, about 6 km from the Kalsubai Peak. The peaks are named after the villages that lie at their base: Alang, Madan, and Kulang. The peaks are among the most difficult and dangerous treks in the Sahyadri region, as they involve steep and rocky climbs, narrow and exposed ridges, and vertical and overhanging rock patches. The treks also require technical skills, such as rock climbing, rappelling, and traversing. The treks can be done individually, or as a part of a longer circuit that covers all the three peaks. The treks are suitable for only experienced and adventurous trekkers, who are looking for a thrilling and challenging experience. The treks also offer some spectacular views of the surrounding hills, valleys, and lakes.

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Ratangad Fort

Ratangad Fort is an ancient hill fort located near the Bhandardara Lake, about 11 km from the Kalsubai Peak. The fort is believed to be built by the Rashtrakuta dynasty in the 8th century, and was later captured by the Maratha king Shivaji in the 17th century. The fort is situated at an altitude of about 1,350 metres, and has a natural rock peak with a cavity in it, which is called the Eye of the Needle. The fort has four gates, a temple, a water cistern, and some ruins of the fortifications. The fort is also a popular trekking destination, as it offers a moderate and enjoyable climb, along with stunning views of the Bhandardara Lake, the Kalsubai Peak, and the AMK peaks. The fort is also a great place to enjoy some camping, as there are some flat grounds and caves near the fort, where you can pitch your tents and spend the night.

The Kalsubai Peak is a must-visit destination for every trekker and nature lover, as it offers a unique and unforgettable experience of conquering the highest peak in Maharashtra. The peak also offers a variety of attractions and activities near it, which will make your trip more enjoyable and memorable. You can book your Kalsubai Peak Trek with Tripoto, which is a leading online travel platform that provides curated and personalized travel packages, guides, and tips.

You can also contact us for more information or queries, and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for reading this article, and we hope you have a wonderful time at the Kalsubai Peak.

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Kalsubai Peak Reviews

Just like in our bhimashankar trip, I could see the sunrise at my right side. It’s indeed quite a view, regardless of how many times you see. Tushar and Avinash zoomed away, the moment we entered the highway, and I stopped at the mulund fly over to take a photo of the sunrise. Later on, I met them at the Mulund check post, they were waiting for me there. I didnt stop, and seeing me, they also sped up. From there, up to the Bhiwandibypass road, we covered in one stretch. It’s not much of a distance also, but the rising sun on my right side was getting more and more beautiful and brighter. When I crossed the IRB toll post, and reached the bridge, I could not control any longer. I stopped there to take a snap, and it indeed came as a very beautiful one. I had to cross the road to get a good shot. When I was coming back, I saw that Avinash and Tushar were chatting near the bikes, and Avinash was combing his hair. I wondered, he is going to put the helmet back in less than a minute, why is he doing this now??? But throughout the trip, my question remained unanswered, and Avinash kept doing this every time we stopped the bike. After the photo session, we started moving again. I was feeling hungry, and so do other two. I suggested that we should have breakfast from a hotel named 'Dhara's zest', where we had during our Trimbakeshwar trip. It’s the only good one I could remember in the nearly by area for nearly next 30 kms. Tushar and Avinash immediately accepted, since they have not been there before. On the way, at Anjur phata, and at Temghar, where the road splits into Bhiwandi and Kalyan, both Tushar and Avinash were a bit doubtful about which way to be taken. But I knew the way very well up to Bhandardara, so, we did not have to ask anyone. After some 15 km from Temghar, came our 'Dhara's zest'. We occupied a seat nearer to the window, and asked for menu. Avinash was the one who first took the menu, and then with a disgusting smile he handed it over to me and Tushar. We looked at it, only to find there is no item which costs less than Rs. 40. I was wondering, three months back, the rate was nearly 10 - 15 rupees less, is this the new year bonanza??? Anyway, we decided to have our breakfast from there, and I ordered for poha, and Tushar and Avinash went for upma. Forgot to tell you one more thing, this Avinash boy, came for the trip with just 20 rupees with him. I was wondering what does he think of himself??!! Luckily he didn’t get lost anywhere, good for him. After having breakfast, I suggested that we should buy some water bottles, because we got a really hectic trek to be done. But Tushar and Avinash were already having two bottles of water, with each of them, so, we didn’t have to pay for that. After having breakfast, we started moving without delay. Avinash and Tushar went a little ahead of me, and I used to get very much behind because I stopped at one or two locations for taking photos. Then I start moving after photography, and in around four to five minutes, I used to come across Avinash, who stopped his bike for taking a 'urinal' break. Then after passing urine, he would take his comb from his bag, look at the rear view mirror, and the start adjusting his hair, as if, he is there for some photo shoot. Anyway, in the entire journey, Avinash had 'a lot of urine' to pass, which indeed left me and Tushar confused! By around 10, we reached the beginning of Kasaraghats. Both of them were already waiting for me at a dhabba, and seems like we all three were sharing the common feeling, losing the sensitivity of one's ass. And indeed it was getting quite hot, which spiced up the feeling. We had a tea, and I and Avinash had some pakoda from there. Tushar was reluctant to have any oily food, since he had some throat infection. To begin a conversation, I asked them, if they had been to any ghats before. And both of their reply was 'no'. And then Avinash said, he had been to Mahabaleshwarbefore, via Pune, and claimed that he did it in the night. It was hard for me to believe, but anyway, I suggested them to ride safe, especially Tushar, since it's his first experience. Then came Avinash's suggestion that we should have done this trip in night, and started our trek in the morning. Then I replied, I could have done it alone, but can’t depend on you two to do this entire biking in night. Avinash wanted to counter it, but Tushar also supported me saying that he is too afraid to climb the ghats in night, and Avinash had no other option but to be quiet. After the tea, we started climbing the ghats. Kasara is just wonderful as always, with deep twists and excelent road. I have been through this ghat for some 5-6 times, all at different seasons. The only wish I had, and I still have is, if this ghat has been a bit more lengthier, I would have been able to enjoy biking to a greater extent. Right now, if you manage to go at a speed of 50 kmph, withought stopping, the ghat will get over in nearly 5-6 mins. At one location, where you can cross the railway tracks, I stopped, and since the other two were trailing, they too stopped. We managed to take a group photo from there, and later on, they zoomed away. I was still slow, stopped again at some one or two locations, and took some more photos. They were already waiting for me at the exit of the ghat, waiting for me to guide them through proper way. After some 20 km from the ghat's exit, came ghoti, and we took our right turn to Ghoti - Nagpur state highway, the same old route which we followed while we were going to Aurangabad. During our course, one Bulletteer overtook me, and he had all his baggage tied to his bike with rope, wearing a very nice biking jacket, and gloves, I thought he is the real tripper! After crossing some 4 km through the same way, we took our right turn to Bhandardara. Till now, the route was by heart for me, but now, I had to ask. I stopped immediately after the turn, and asked route to a native. He said Kalsubai is nearly 20 km from there. Time was almost 12.00, and my plan was to start the trek by 12.30. After some 10 km, Avinash stopped again, for a 'urinal' break. I wondered, from where does this fellow get so much of urine to pass?! During that time also, the renovation of roads were going on, and some half portion of the road was being renovated, which was started during my bhandardara trip. I told them that, this was the road by which we travelled during our bhandardara trip, that too at night 08.00 hrs. Then our 'baccha' Avinash interfered, and said, it's no big deal, I have climbed the entire mahabaleshwar ghat in night'. I didn’t say anything against him, and just replied, 'good for you'. When we started moving again, we started to cover the ghat to bhandardara. A small one, but it’s quite dangerous for a beginner. Avinash was leading, and at one hair pin, one Innova came against him. Poor fellow, seems like he was quite terrified, and had almost lost the control, and the bike went outside road. Luckily, he didn’t fall, and after the Innova crosses, he started again. I was right behind him, and could see the entire thing, and seeing his reaction, I thought, has he really covered that mahabaleshar thing or is it something else??? We went for nearly 22 kms, and since I stopped at two locations again to take photos, I was lagging behind. I was moving steadily, and then I found both of them are coming back, towards me. Immediately I knew that we took the wrong way, or went much farther from where we should have stopped. I took a u turn, and followed them. The village road to Kalsubai was nearly 4 km behind us, and we missed it, actually, anyone would have missed it, not just us, because there was no noticeable road, but just a small tarred passage. The only thing which would make it notice is that, the big entrance board kept at its beginning, but that was towards only one side, so when we were moving towards bhandardara, we missed it. We took the village road, and were moving at our normal speed, but it was indeed quite high for that small way. I was in the middle with Avinash leading. Suddenly from nowhere, a small kid came in front of his bike, he very much applied brake, but the bike didn’t stop immediately due to its momentum, and he turned left so as to avoid the kid. The kid then again, came to his left, right in front of his bike. He turned right, and the kid to right. At this, the bikes weight came onto his right hand, which has already gone through a 'break' history once, nearly 5 months ago. He had no other option but to let it go, by that time, I reached near him, parked my bike, and went to him, and asked him to drop his bike slowly. He dropped it, without causing any damage to the bike. I helped him to lift it again, and we checked if the kid is alright. All I could find was, some of the native had scolded him very badly, and he went to his home crying very heavily. We were lucky, that both the kid and the bike, and Avinash were safe. Our destination was hardly a km from the accident spot. We placed our bikes at a dhabba, which claimed to be the parking lot. We ordered for food also from there, so that they can keep it ready when we come down. The beginning spot of Kalsubai was a plain village. We had to cross the village to start our trekking. Since two of our bottles were empty by that time, we got the same filled from a house in the village itself, on our way. The dhabba fellow offered us the aid of a guide at a cost of Rs. 200, but I turned it down. We had plenty of time and it was only 12.35. We could find the way by ourselves. Forgot to mention one thing here, Avinash wanted to have a pair of shoes very badly for trekking. A week before our trip, we had been to some shops, trying to find some shoes for him. But he is not ready to pay for anything and wanted a shoe at a range of Rs.400 - 500. I told him that he won’t be getting any, but only thing he did was to waste my time also. Now that he couldn’t find one, I had an old spare shoe, which I bought in college. I told him he could use it, if he wanted to. The day before the trek, he came to my home, and he liked my shoe and took it. So, when we started our journey, I and Tushar were expecting him to wear that shoe, but he came out with sandals. I asked him why, and he replied he would wear it when we do the actual trekking. So, now the actual trekking started, we asked him, when he is going to wear the shoes. He said, after we climb a bit more height. Then we started throwing jokes at him, and the best was, Tushar said, after some time, he will wear the shoes on his hands, so as to get more grip! When we started, our speed was indeed high. We could cover a lot of distance in a short time, and it was not so steep also. But as we proceeded, the steepness was increasing and we were getting tired. Mathematically speaking, if you draw a graph of energy against time, then the curve would be an asymptote to the time axis. Avinash was taking continuous breaks, and Tushar and I had to wait for him many times. But still, the trek was much easier compared to Ratangad, or at least that what I still feel. After every 15-20 mins of climbing, we used to take a break of 5 mins, or put it in other words, we had to take a break of 5 mins. In between, there were people who were selling lemon juices, so as to quench your thirst, and to charge you up. Throughout the trek, Avinash was our best time pass, and me and Tushar stripped him to the maximum, that at one point, he straight up ran away from us. For the next one hour, he didn’t talk to us, and was moving very lonely. He was not walking with us but either behind or in the front. But of course, being emotional is not something which was going to work on us, and I wondered, even after having a life at engineering college for four year, his ego hasn’t come down....what a pity.....we both were and are damn sure he is going to come across much worse situation in BPCL, if he continues like this. After an hour and half's trekking, we came to an open ground, which could be considered as a halfway to the top. Tushar was almost done and sat on the ground, and said he can move no more. I too was in the same condition, but the beauty was that, Avinash just stopped for a minute or not, and afterwards, went to a corner away from us, and then sat there. What a boy, we thought. After some 15 minutes, we started moving again. And after some five minutes, we came across a boy who was selling this lemon water. I wanted to have it, and when I asked Avinash, he said he also needs one. So, we ordered for two. The boy prepared it and gave us, not the lemon water, but just sugar water. Also, he hasn’t cleaned the glass properly, so there were traces of leaves, and small sticks in the water. I filtered them, and drank it, and asked the boy to be more proper next time, while Avinash, scolded the boy, seems like he vented out his entire anger against us onto that boy, and threw the water away, and again scolded the boy. Woah! That was too much, he could have done it to us, but that small boy, and his face became so white, when I looked again. Well, I wanted to console that boy, but that would not have helped him much. We walked again, and this time, we have to climb even a steeper way. The way was becoming almost vertical, and our trekking was getting the shape of rock climbing. Many times, we had to use both of hands also for the same purpose, and many times, the way was so slippery that finding balance was difficult for us. Anyway, after an hour long trekking again, we came to such a position that we could see the peak. We again took some rest there, and there was a well in that area. We washed our face and hands, and needless to say, the water was so cool and refreshing, it indeed boosts our energy to many folds. We also filled a bottle with that water, and it was almost quite clear. I wanted to upload that photo, but the pose gave by my friend Avinash was so embarrassing that it was like he stepped into a pit full of shit. After half an hour trekking more, we reached the top...top of Maharashtra....but we felt like top of the world...the view from there was splendid...we could see entire bhandardara, arthur lake, and the dam, and a lot more other places, which we didn’t know the name. I hope I must have seen ratangad also from there, but I couldn't identify it. There is a small mandir of Goddess Kalsubai on the hill top. Also, there was a chain game in there. The chain, is metallic, and is something like 30 meter long. You throw it downward, with one end tied on to the hill top. Then you have to pull it back, in one stretch. Not so tough, since me and Avinash could do it very easily. Also, at the hill top, Avinash met his old 'tiger', the doggie which he left at raigad fort. (The dog was indeed different, but Avinash knows only one name for every dog and bitch he sees). I told him not to entertain the dog so much, because he something goes wrong, we were not even in a position to run. We will have to jump, but to where, and who will dare to? Fortunately, nothing went wrong, and the dog was there with us till we reached the bottom. After spending some half an hour on the top, by 15.45, we started our way back to the bottom. Now we are already tired, we felt like every step we are taking, is a big hit to the head. Our legs were shaking and have lost the capacity to absorb shocks. We were really feeling that we were taking more time to get down, than to climb up. Once I fell, my feet slipped at the slop, and twice Avinash fell. Tushar was still standing tall, and was the toughest among us. When we reached down, we moved to the parking lot, and asked the dhabbawala for the food which we ordered. He said that non-veg will take some time, since it has not been prepared yet. So, we all three had veg lunch only, at 17.30 hrs. The food was not so good, but not so bad, but it was highly rich in chillies, and Tushar was burning. He drank nearly two glasses of water. Later on we decided to have a slice from there, but they had some local brand. Upon drinking it, it tasted like the have crushed the mango bite candy and dissolved it in water to make a mango drink...!!!Well, the overall food and parking cost was Rs.200, quite high for the kind of food we had, I would say. Since it was already about to be six, and we had nearly 160 km to cover, we didn't delay ourselves much. On the way from top itself, Avinash was saying, he feels a volcano is getting developed in his stomach, and need to attend the call. We both told him to get the job done in the open, and we still had nearly two bottle of water to spare. But he was not ready. He wanted a proper toilet. So, when we started our bikes, he said, wherever we stop to fill petrol, he would go for toilet. Because in highways, petrol pumps indeed have such facilities. And mine was about to get empty, but I was waiting it to become in reserve so that I can calculate the mileage. When we started, I was trailing both of them, as it was getting dark. And in no time, Avinash very much zoomed away. As I already said, Tushar didn't want to cross the ghats in night, but when we reached Kasara, it was already night and I was right behind him. The way he was overtaking other vehicles was indeed very dangerous, he was not overtaking through right side, but through left side. And when he was trying to do it on right side, he was getting very slow to turn, that the vehicles behind him was creating a confusion for him. I could the this entire play right in front of me, so, I had no other option but to keep trailing him till the ghat ends. It seemed like he was very much afraid to travel in ghat, because his speed was in 30s, and after some two three minutes, we met Avinash also, whose speed was even less. I guess they were coming in 3rd gear, for so slow was their speed. Anyway, the point is, they made it safely, even if it’s their skill or for the skill of other vehicle drivers. After crossing the ghat, I found a good HP petrol pump, and stopped there, so that Avinash can release the pressure. When I went to the pump, he asked, 'why are you going there', and I said' for your job', and he was again asking, 'Don’t you need to fill petrol?', and I said 'No, I am still in main'. He again asked, 'If you don’t need to fill petrol, why have you stopped here?’ And now I got angry, I asked him, 'Do you need to go to toilet, or not?’ And he had to say 'Yes', because that was his inner condition. Even at this stage, he was shying to go to the petrol pump personnel and ask where the toilet is. I had to do it for him...what a boy! And after getting his job done, he said he had a great relief, of course, it happens to everyone, isn’t it? But before we started from there, he also said, 'We did a very good job while coming down the ghat'. I didn’t say anything, but just gave a very sarcastic smile. Afterwards, within a km from there, my petrol tank got empty, and I had to put it in reserve. I calculated the mileage, and was happy to see that I got nearly 42 kmpl, the one which is claimed by company itself, I got it even after two years. I went on for another 60 more kilometer in reserve, and found another HP pump, and topped up my tank. Tushar and Avinash zoomed away again, seems like they have grown up in the entire 3 hour journey, and I reduced my speed further to 50 kmph, since I didn’t have to keep up with anyone now. We had a plan of having dinner at BTC, at Sanpada, one of my favourite, but later on, I thought, I would skip my food for something light. I reached home at around 22.00 hrs, and I guess Avinash and Tushar must have reached almost at the same time. That was the end to the greatest trekking I ever had, but still, if someone ask me to rate which is tougher, I would say first is Ratangad, and second goes to Kalsubai, and Daualatabad fort for the third place, provided you do it in the month of April. The more places I see, the more I want to see. It’s always like that I guess, not just for me, but for everyone.
!! First Sunrise of 2016 from Top of Maharashtra !! कळसुबाई शिखर (ता . अकोले, जि . अहमदनगर ) "अरे वैभव , बरं झालं फोन केलास ; मी करणारच होतो 31st चा काय plan आहे? कळसुबाई ला येशील का?" - सौरभ . साल २०१६ या नवीन वर्षा च स्वागत - आणि Mumbai Travellers ची 4th Anniversary, असा दुहेरी योग. Finally - ऑफिस मध्ये शिफ्ट वगरे सगळा manage करून सौरभ ला होकार कळवला. आता नवीन वर्षाच्या पाहिल्या ब्राम्हमुहुर्ता नंतर होणाऱ्या नारायणाच्या दर्शनाचे वेध लागले होते. कळसुबाई! … ५४०७ फुट (१६४६ मीटर ) उंच असलेलं, हे महाराष्ट्रातील अत्युच शिखर, ईगतपुरी - भंडारदरा या मार्गावर असलेल्या 'बारी' या गावाजवळ आहे. १० नाही, २० नाही तर आम्ही तब्बल १०६ लोकांनी 31st च्या रात्री हा महाकाय सर केला आणि नवीन वर्षाच्या पहिल्या दिवशी सुर्य - नारायणाच्या आगमनाचे दर्शन घेतले. अर्थातच पुर्व नियोजनासाठी सौरभ आणि जोगी जी यांचा आधीच बारीला मुक्काम होता, आणि साहजिकच इकडील सर्व व्यवस्थेचा भार हा करीष्मा आणि मयूर शिंदे ऊर्फ मामा यांच्या खांद्यावर होता. आज पर्यंत फक्त Phone आणि mails वर communication झालेल्या करीष्मा आणि जोगी यांना मी प्रथमच भेटणार होतो, त्यामुळे ती एक आगळी - वेगळी उत्सुकता माझ्या मनात रमत होती. तर …. ३१ तारखेला संध्याकाळी जवळपास आम्हा १०० लोकांचा लवाजमा कसाऱ्या हून बारी कडे रवाना झाला. बरोबर ५ वर्षा पुर्वी काही स्वप्न उराशी बाळगून Mumbai Travellers या कंपनी चा उदय झाला आणि 31st - Night Trek to Kalsubai & First Sun Rise of New Year from top of Maharashtara! अशी प्रथा च ३१-डीसेंबर २०११ पासून सुरु झाली. पुढे जाऊन या प्रथेच परंपरेत नक्की रुपांतर होईल या बद्दल शंकाच नाही. 'विराज खोरजुवेकर ' एक आगळ - वेगळं नैसर्गिक व्यक्तिमत्व, या माणसा मुळेच माझी आणि Mumbai Travellers ची ओळख झाली. गेल्या तीन - साडेतीन वर्षात MT बरोबर अनेक इवेन्ट स झाल्या. अगदी पाहिल्या दिवसा पासुन इथे परकं असं कधी वाटलंच नाही. पुढे याच प्रवासात - वैभव खैरे , कौस्तुभ सावंत , किरण माळवी आणि काही भन्नाट Travellers यांच्याशी ओळख आणि मैत्री झाली. कळसु आई चा आशीर्वाद आणि मुंबईकरांच भरभरून प्रेम लाभलेल्या Mumbai Travellers ला पुढील वाटचाली साठी - आम्हा पुणेकारांच्या भरभरून शुभेच्छा ! :-) शेवटची Batch घेऊन मी बारी ला पोहोचलो. आमच्या आधी आलेली मंडळी विश्राम घेऊन जेवणात मग्न झाली होती. आम्हीही मग जेवणं आटोपली.… गोरक्षच्या घरास आज जणू काही सोहळ्याचे स्वरुप प्राप्त झाले होते… घटीका जवळ आली होती …. count down begin … आणि बरोबर १२ च्या ठोक्याला १०६ travellers चा एकच निनाद … "Haaapppy New Year !!!" … मग काय … Crazy introduction round …. Cake cutting …. शुभेच्छांची देवाणघेवाण … एक आनंदाई वातावरण .… 'इलाही … मेरा जी आये -आये … " या travellers song ने आम्ही कार्यक्रमाची सांगता केली व इंदोरे गावाकडून येणाऱ्या नवीन मार्गाने आम्ही Trekking ला सुरवात केली . आमच्या पैकी बऱ्याच मंडळींचा हा त्यांच्या आयुष्यातील पहिलाच ट्रेक होता - 'First Trek आणि महाराष्ट्राचा Everest' असा किताब त्यांना बहाल करुन …. दत्ता , अमोल कदम … यांच्या टीम ने छेडलेल्या मराठी गाण्यांच्या मैफिलीत आम्ही आगेकुच करत होतो. किर्र - अंधार … डोंगराच्या कातळावरून होणारा शिस्तबद्ध ट्रेक आणि प्रत्येकाच्या हातातील टॉर्च या सर्वांच्या संयोगामुळे झालेल्या रांगत्या दीपमाळेच विलोभनीय दृष्य ! :-) … वा … वाह … क्या बात !! पहिल्या थांब्यावर सौरभ ने सांगीतलेली कळसुबाई ची कथा कानात साठवून आमची पाऊले पुन्हा शिखराच्या दिशेने झपझप चालू लागली. आकाशातील जळ्मटं हळू-हळू वीरत होती आणि बोचरी थंडी अंगाला आता वाऱ्याच्या झुळकेने शहारे आणत होती. नजर उंचावली … आगदी थोड्या अंतरावर पिवळ्या , लाल , पांढऱ्या रंगाने रंगवलेलं लहानश्या शिखरावरील कळसू आई च छोटंसं देऊळ, ब्रह्म-मुहूर्तावर भास्कराने उधळलेल्या केशरी भंडाऱ्यात उजळून निघालं होतं . याच कळसू आई च्या आशीर्वादाने नवीन वर्षाच्या पहिल्या सूर्योदयाच्या दर्शनाचा योग सिद्ध झाला होता. सन १८६० मध्ये Arch DiCken Gale या इंग्रजाने भर रात्री कळसुबाई शिखर सर करून सूर्योदय पहिला होता आणि इथल्या अचाट नैसर्गिक सौंदर्याने त्याचं भान हरपलं होतं आणि म्हणूनच या पट्ठ्या ने कळसुबाई चा उल्लेख - 'King of Deccan Hills' असा केला असावा. आदिदेव ! नमस्तुभ्यं प्रसीद मम भास्कर । दिवाकर ! नमस्तुभ्यं प्रभाकर नमोस्तुते । अशी मनोमन प्रार्थना करून रविराजांच दर्शन घेतलं! या अभुतपुर्व दर्शनाने, रात्राभराचे जागरण आणि ट्रेक यामुळे आलेला शीण कुठच्या-कुठ पळून गेला. शिखरावर चढुन गेल्यावर शिखरमाथा आगदीच लहान असल्याचं लक्षात येतं, डावीकडे जेमतेम १०' X ८' आकारच दगडी बांधनीच कळसुबाईच मंदिर आहे. दरवाजा अगदीच कमी उंचीचा असुन देवळात जाताना बसुनच जावं लागतं, देवीची शेंदरी मूर्ती साडेतीन फुट उंचीची आहे. मंदिराला घुमटाकार कळस असुन या गाभाऱ्यात एक लाकडी काठी आहे, नवस फेडण्यासाठी म्हणून लावलेले लाल वस्त्रांचे तुकडे आणि हिरव्या बांगड्या या काठीला लटकवलेल्या दिसतात. मंदिरासमोर ध्वज लावण्याचा ओटा आहे. शिखरावरून चहुबाजुंचे नैसर्गिक सौंदर्य मनाला वेड लावुन जाते. उत्तरेस नाशिक परिसरातील - रामशेज, डेहेर यांच्या मागोमाग सप्तशृंगी, मार्कांड्या, धोडप, चांदवड … तसेच हरिहरगड, ब्रम्हगिरी, अंजनेरी, घरगड व त्रिंगल वाडी या रांगा दिसतात. उत्तर-पुर्व दिशेस - बितनगड, औंढा, विश्रामगड (पट्टा), कवणी. दक्षिणेला - रतनगड, अलंग-मदन-कुलंग आणि दक्षिण-पश्चिमेस घनचक्कर व हरिश्चंद्रगड नजरेने टिपता येतात. भंडारदरा आणि घाटघर धरणाचे back water शिखरावरून न्याहाळताना जणू काही आपण Google Map scroll करत आहोत असा भास होतो. शिखराच्या पायथ्याशी एक विहीर आहे आणि पाणी काढण्यासाठी एक पोहरा देखील आहे. ईथेच आम्ही आमच्या डोई -खांद्या वरचं ओझं हलकं केलं आणि म्यागी व चहा वर ताव मारला. :-) … आत्माराम शांत !! आता शिडी च्या मार्गाने आमचा परतीचा प्रवास सुरु झाला होता. खाली दृष्टी जाताच नजर फिरेल अशा एका अरुंद घाळीवर तब्बल १८० पायऱ्यांचा लांबलचक शिडी चा टप्पा पार पडला होता. आता उजवीकडे वळसा घेऊन खाली जाणारा हा टप्पा अमंल कठिण होता. पुढे गेल्यावर अजुन एक १२-१५ फुटांचा शिडी चा मार्ग देखील पार पडला. कळसुबाईच पायथ्या नजिकच मंदिर अजुन अर्धा तास लांबणीवर होतं. पावलं आता जड भासु लागली होती, वेग सुद्धा बऱ्यापैकी मंदावला होता. दजर-दरमजल करत मंदिरा जवळ पोहोचलो. मंदिर एकदम ऐसपैस, आवारात भला मोठा पिंपळ वृक्षं असुन बसण्यासाठी मोठा पार आहे. अजुनही काही बडे वृक्ष या आवारात आहेत. इथेच थोडा वेळ विसावलो. वाऱ्याची झुळूक आता हवी -हवीशी वाटत होती, अंगावरच स्वेटर तर केव्हाच दूर झाल होतं. गोरक्षच घर ! दोन्ही खोल्यांमध्ये जेवणाच्या पंक्ती बसल्या होत्या, जेवणं उरकत होती. कसाऱ्याला जाण्यासाठी आमच्या गाड्या आधिच येऊन उभ्या ठाकल्या होत्या. १०-१० च्या ब्याचने सर्वांचा निरोप घेत आणि … "मिलते है यार… फिर किसी ट्रेक पे । " असं एकमेकांना वचन देऊन प्रत्येक जण मार्गस्थ होत होता. आठवणीचं गाठोड घेऊन मी ही निघालो.… गाठोडं कसलं शिदोरीच म्हणावी लागेल! या संपूर्ण प्रवासात… सौरभ, मामा, जोगी, करिश्मा, अर्जुन पाजी, देवेंद्र, दत्ता, अमोल, स्वप्ना, हिमालय, वर्षा, शुभम, चिन्मय, हर्षित कहि MBA व CA चे विध्यार्थी यांच्या बरोबर झालेली चर्चा, विचारांची व अनुभवांची देवाणघेवाण … काहि विनोदी क्षण, जोगी च झालेलं आधार कार्ड :p यांना उजाळा देत होतो…. परंतु … Event Successful झाल्याचा सौरभच्या डोळ्यातील आनंद व राम-पहाऱ्यातलं प्रभाकरच रूप मात्र नजरे समोर अजुन सुद्धा तसंच आहे. “We can only appreciate the miracle of a Sunrise if we’ve waited in the darkness.” #mumbaitravellers #sunrise #kalsubaipeak
After weeks of empty promises, waiting for us to actually decide on a place. One night, the gods of free time shed their blessings on us and all of us were free on the same day. So the night before we call it, me along with my roommates and finally decide to go to Kalsubai. We contacted ShadyTents for tents, which later we changed to sleeping bags thanks to our budget. We contacted a few more friends for info and also added to the travelling party. At that time we didn't realize that since so many ideas were thrown around, everybody was working on a different frequency. Thanks to which each of us had some interesting revelations, during the trip. Being the Kings of Thrift, all of us went in search of bike rentals. A friend had informed us that there was a better place to hire than online. So taking his word we sent one guy to pick the sleeping bags up, while we went in search of bike rentals. On reaching the spot we realized that the only bikes to be seen were either being repaired or had been dismantled. There was a slight problem on the info that we had received. The person had last used the services 5 years ago. When we reached the spot all we found was automobile repair shops. Pissed at having traveled extra for naught, we then headed for our friend's place, to search online once again. One of his roommates owned a car, we figured it would be convenient if we could borrow it. We convinced him so well, that he and a guy who just happened to be there, also decided to tag along. We were glad at least one problem was sorted out, despite having an extra person. On being asked the location, we told him we'd be relying on google maps. By the time all of this was set including the bags being brought, it was 8 o'clock. We had a late start because we tend to wake up between 12:00 pm to 02:00 pm. We decided that we would have dinner en route. We didn't realize till a while before our trip that there were 6 reasonably built and tall guys that are going to be fit into one Brio. It's ok for small journeys, but when you are taking a 3hr trip excluding the time spent in Mumbai traffic, you would forget what moving your legs felt like. We stopped at a dhaba to eat dinner at 12 o'clock. We sat and we stretched to check whether everything was still in place. The happiness derived from the stretch, smoke break and the trip made us eat a lot. The problem with that was that we still had 2hrs of that journey left. We stuffed ourselves back in the car filled with cigarette smoke, twisted limbs, loud music, full bellies and a trek to look forward to. On finally reaching the destination, at 2 o'clock in the morning. We parked the car outside something that looked like a village. Fortunately for us, some villagers were awake enjoying their mid night tobacco. Not knowing where we were exactly, we asked them about the trek and they were kind enough to lead us till the starting point. Right there and then it suddenly struck the guy with the car that we would be going for a proper mid night trek. The fact that many ideas were passed around, he had no idea what the actual one was. He was under the impression that it would be an outing, in some place high up in the hills. Then he anchored saying that he wasn't expecting this, so we left him and the guy that tagged along, over there with a sleeping bag. Later on our way down we were informed that early in the morning he was woken up affectionately by a stray dog. We started our journey up, armed with 2 water bottles, the flashlight in our cells and 2 sleeping bags. The path seemed incredibly easy initially, a bit too easy. The path was wide and not very steep. Only later we realized that we were not climbing a peak, but had accidentally strayed on to someones field. We walked back to the start and looked for something to guide us, when we noticed one incandescent bulb at some height. Hoping that was at the top of the right peak, we started our march to the top again, towards our North Star. Under the assumption that it would be a fairly easy trek and that we would be riding bike I had worn jeans and boots to the trip. I was harshly reminded how wrong I was. I barely had any grip, I was uncomfortable and since we had aimed to reach the top by sunrise the smoke breaks weren't that often. I had always believed that solo trips are better than group trips, that night I was glad to be wrong. One shouldn't compare the two as they are like apples and oranges, each with their own charm. I was lagging behind, but was encouraged to keep climbing and not stop. It brought me to a point that when they would take breaks to take pictures or a have a smoke. I would still be climbing slowly but steadily, in spite of my cell losing its charge and I was unable to see clearly till my eyes adjusted. Towards three fourths of the distance we had missed the sunrise. Only then were we ably to see how far had we climbed, through old and broken ladders and also by how much had we missed the actual trail. Certain people having spent the night there, had started early in the morning and were already catching up to us. One villager, bringing lemonade had overtaken us having started in the morning. Towards the end with only one ladder separating me from my goal. I finally decided to take a break. Some of my friends had opted to go another way to take pictures. I enjoyed the view of what I had accomplished with a friend of mine, both of us exhausted yet happy . The water was over but we had found an old well which didn't seem like it was used for ages. We debated with ourselves whether our thirst outweighed our health. The break would have lasted longer had not a girl suddenly walked up to us. My friend having his pride continued his march, while I being a true feminist and too tired walked right after her. The top was spectacular, you could see all the hills surrounding the peak completing the horizon. The cold blast of the wind was refreshing, and made us want to nap beside the temple. We soon gave up on that plan as it was too windy. Plus its rather inconvenient to nap while tourists are roaming around you. Under the morning sun we were finally able to see our last and final mistake. We had come in the wrong season and everything around was dry but still beautiful. We sat on a ledge slightly below the temple to rest, smoke and nap away from the crowd starting to gather. After having some lemonade from a local, that charged it depending on the height he sold it from, we began our descent. The heat in the morning made it even more uncomfortable than the ascent. Too tired to care anymore I slid almost all the way down, occasionally running on top of rocks unable to stop. My legs were shaky and I was drenched it sweat. Once at the bottom all my friends and I looked forward to the trip back just for the AC in the car and so we headed home. In a much quieter way than we had started owing to the fact that most of us had fallen asleep. It was humbling to know that it was of a moderate difficulty must'v been my smokers stamina that made it a pain. An impromptu journey, with its fair share of problems due to lack of planning. I'm still fond of that trip, as all the problem we had faced added a certain charm to it, under the starry night. Without it, it would have probably been as monotonous, as the lives we were taking a break from.
"When we travel in group _ there is a feeling of worry When we travel alone _ there is a feeling of learning and enjoy” How I reached- 7:40P.M. I left my office and get train for C.S.T. I planned to trek highest point of Maharashtra & first time I am going only with myself. I have different kind of feeling between Belapur to C.S.T. journey like_ I am entering in new world and life/behavior may be change after this. I wanted to talk with my mother but couldn’t connected. I reached to C.S.T. faced 10-20minute queue get ticket for Igatpuri. It was 9:30’s train Kolkata Mail. Crowd was good and most people were Bihari & Marathi. I get seat and started to observe others. I am dame sure I will definitely enjoy my journey. There was a group of 8-9 boys, they were not giving space to others to sit. I interfered and help a person to set there. A boy of their group argued & laugh on me. He was over reacting on everything. After some time 2 Hinjra were in and started to beg forcefully, their language was so abusive and they can hit if you refuse to give money, that same boy refused and one of them slapped on his face and his group does nothing. This is totally ‘Dadagiri’ they have a big gang and in short_people are not safe in trains. Here, I alighted at Igatpuri 12:28A.M. CHAI_CHAI, PANI VADAPAV – I was hearing these words continuously from C.S.T. to here. (Ideol place to stay at night)- I started to see place for food and stay on station. A watchman suggested me to stay in waiting room which is free of cost. I moved there were 4 RPF officers who were waiting for their train. I eat biscuit then write my dairy _ “I wrote about how a person’s behavior influence by other people and thinking level.” It was 2AM and I felt I should sleep. I wear my jacket and sleep on chair. Then I woke up 6:37AM and first I put my mobile on charging, get fresh and left the room at 7 o’clock , I get a cup of tea & biscuit. I moved to bus stop eat Misalpav here and after 5min. I get in bus for Bari village. It was a little bit of beautiful side of Mumbai-Puna highway then approach road, beautiful hills on both sides. Main stop between Igatpuri to Bari is Goti village. Hikking begins- At 8:43AM (sep11) I alighted at Bari & my trek begins from here. A little long road is directly took you to village. It was a small village, different structure houses, looks pretty. Everything was looking beautiful here because there is over lust of greenery. After crossing the village, I seen small stalls of tea & lemon water. There were many groups came today. As I climbed more I seen pretty scenery of nature which I had never seen before. I also clicked pictures with my phone a lot and I know – some pics will going look superb. I didn’t stop anywhere, it was a simple way, including some iron stairs to climb. I reached on top at 10:34AM. Once , I wondered that it is highest point of Maharashtra also known as ‘Everest of Maharashtra (height 5400fit) and I climbed it in just 1hour51minute. It was an awesome feeling. There is a small temple of god name –Kalsubai. People were singing there their religious song which is simply tuning good. I was shouting there, dancing, singing with them. Then I sat down on edge of rock . I picked out my dairy _ noted down that moment & that feeling. Imagine it_ “A boy with his bag and removed shoes aside, set on a rock in white clouds and cold air, writing something”. It was best feeling I ever feel,there is smell of nature. I eat food, talked with other trekkers there. I stayed there for approx 1hour. It was 11:30AM and I started to return down. I met some trekker again who were climbing. 1:08PM I was down in Bari again. Other nearby place to explore- Now have plane to visit Sendi village to see Bhanderdara Lake & Dam. I was waiting for sharing jeep and excited to travel on roof of vehicle here, it came and I set on roof & click pictures. A smile was fixed on my face till Shendi. Instantly I sing a song “Raho – pe – nikle” It was an awesome experience gives me lots of pleasure. & I said to myself – “I would prefer to travel alone rather then in group”. I alighted to Shendi 2:00PM. I explore the local market which is setle down on road. I asked for way to Dam, and reached there, but first I want to charge my phone. I moved to a shop and order for a tea and asked them to charge my mobile. I eat biscuit and chooda with tea. It was enough for my tummy. I also got sleep for a time on chair. Then go to lake, I already asked to that shopkeeper– ‘Is it allowed to swim in lake?’ He told me –‘no, it is not allowed’. I said –‘OKh!’ with a big breath and searched a place to swim, little far from there, where no one could see me. I removed my clothes and jumped in water, it is approx 200fit deep, I was near bank and dived 3-4 time, tried to keep my body deep inside as I could. Then relaxly set on the rock to see the view. Picturize– ‘blue water all around you, soft sound of water when it collapse to bank and return continually. On other side of lake it is a green hill covered with clouds’ oooh… what a seen it was, I keep watching this seen. Then move to get my mobile and later, by mistake I jumped over from a wall and entered in no entry area. Two officers were there called and asked me –‘ from where did you entered and what you are doing here?’ I replied – ‘I am here to see the Dam, but don’t know –it is a restricted area and just to save my time I choose to jump from there instead to enter from gate. But I really don’t know about restriction’. Thanks, that they didn’t hit me and all matter get soled easily. & the big thing is I was not afraid. Return ~ Its time to return. I have to go Warngoshi phata because I thought I will get bus more early for Kasara from there. At 3:50PM I get a local vegetable tempo, I set backside with other passengers. I asked them about there work, and I like to see myself that I am able to communicate in local language. I also clicked photos with them. 4:16PM I was at Warngaon phata & I was wrong I had to wait for approx 2 hour for bus. I was waiting but didn’t get bore, I was enjoying it silently, peacefully by sitting on chair. I got my bus at 6:00PM and purchased ticket for Kasara, get seat after 10minute and sleep. It was last stop Kasara, I alighted and get in train for Kurla 8:15PM. Again sleep, then changed train for Belapur from C.S.T. I alighted at C.B.D station on 11:36PM and reached to my room on 11:59PM what a timing, what a journey – in one word “Awesome”. Thank you
What, according to you, is the best outdoor trip or time you ever spent? I know the variety of answers like an expensive foreign tour or dinner or lunch at high-end Hotels or partying with friends etc. Of course the list will go on and on but for me the the best outdoor time is that in which you totally forget that there exists something called as Smartphone and Cameras which otherwise keep you constantly engaging irrespective of the surroundings. I'm sure many of you have definitely experienced that we get out to have a break or to get close to the nature and there is someone who still continuously chatting on WhatsApp, posting statuses on Facebook, continuously clicking unnecessary photos and selfies and keep talking over the phone. Such things, by default, keeps you away from the actual closeness that you could have enjoyed with nature. When it comes to New Year celebration many of my friends planned dinners and lunches and parties, but some of us have thought why not start the new year with some adventures, challenges and closeness to nature? What it would be like to witness the first sunrise of new year before all of your 'Party-Friends' and that too from the point which is highest from all of them, who will be in hangover of last night. Then the name comes 'Kalsubai peak' – the Mount Everest of Maharashtra! And then we 5-6 friends decided to conquer the highest peak of Maharashtra- Kalsubai peak. Kalsubai situated in Akole taluka of Ahmednagar district. Kalsubai crest situated at an elevation of 5400 ft. i.e. 1646 meters. It was an early morning, my friends came from Pune by early Deccan Queen and I joined them at Kalyan station from where we caught 'Kasara-Fast Local'. It took around 1.5 hr to reach Kasara station. Then luckily we got a shared jeep to the village 'Bari'. 'Bari' is a small village situated at the base of Kalsubai from where the actual trek started. We reached Bari at around 11:30 in the morning. We had light snacks and without wasting much time we started heading towards Kalsubai. It's about 9-10 km to reach the foot of Kalsubai. The people were nice to travellers and were very helpful. Since this is one of the toughest and hardest trek in Maharashtra, only serious trekkers and wild-life enthusiast will be seen there. There is also a temple of local deity Goddess 'Kalsubai' at the small flat surface on the peak from which the mountain range known as Kalsubai. Though some of us were not the first time trekkers, we thought it would be little harder for them to have their first trek in life at Kalsubai. But eventually as we covered some height, everyone of us realised it is definitely going to be a tough one for all of us. We had planned to stay at night over the peak hence we were carrying the tent bags, mats and cooking material with us along with our individual's rucksack on our back. This was slowing down our speed and also exhausting us. We started our trek at around 1:30 in the afternoon. Though the Sun was at it's high, we didn't feel much of the heat due to the calm and light-cold weather. After 1 hour of trek, we started feeling tired, our muscles started paining. It took some time to get your body warmed and synchronize with your breaths. Once your body & breath stabilizes then you feel less pain. We were, somehow, managing to carry the heavy bags and marching towards the peak. At some stages there are iron railings with the rods and small metal strips to go from one rock to another. This was the most difficult part of trek for us because of the weight with us in one hand. At a point, there was a steep climb over the railings. We started to climb one by one with pace matching to one another, there were no other group before us and after us. And exactly at this point a whole group of around 20-25 monkeys gathered around us and started attacking on the bags and sacks from all the sides, they were trying to snatch our bags. We were little frightened because we can't afford to loose anything from our luggage. We took some wooden sticks and started beating the metal railing to get them away from us. And we can't even stop at that point, so we're maintaining our pace, carrying the load with us and simultaneously watching the gangs of Monkeys. That was really a goosebumping experience for all of us. We reach around 7:30 at the evening. It took us 5 hours to reach at the peak. It was dark night already. We found an infiltration well at the peak. After seeing the clear, starry sky and drinking sweet water collected directly from the internal seep of the well, all our tiredness and fatigue was gone and we refreshed again to set our tent and to cook the dinner. Some of us started setting the tent, some went to collect water and remaining went to collect the firewood for chulhas. There were couple of stalls of the villagers, we took a plate of Bhajis and then made 2 chulhas. Meanwhile tent was set up and we cooked Biryani Rice and Barbeque. I can say that the taste was far better than any expensive hotel dish we ever had. After dinner we enjoyed the Sky-watching time. It was long back to see such dense-starry night sky. Then after cooking, we sat around a campfire swapping stories and jokes and so on. By then the temperature was decreased to less than 10º C, though we did not felt so much of cold. Absolute silence, warmness of campfire, goosebumping cold breeze and along with this long cosy conversations with your best friends...this is 'inconceivable'. You must have to 'Live' such moments by yourself to understand the grace of these. Next day we woke up at early dawn to witness the new year's sunrise. In the previous night many other trekkers were arrived at the peak. We made coffee and with it's sips we were watching the colorful horizon, waiting for the Sunrise. After memorable sunrise we started wrapping our tent and started coming down. Descending was easier for us since we didn't have too much of luggage with us. After light breakfast at around 10:30 in the morning we started walking down and reached around 2:00 in the afternoon. In the whole trip of 2 days we all were completely forgot our smartphone (though the battery was charged). We even barely touched the DSLR, no one wanted to disturb the moments. It was just to be in the moment and to live the moment. I think living in the moment is what you need to pay attention to and such small but extraordinary trips helps you to do that. These opportunities takes you closer to 'yourself' to understand better. These feelings and such experiences lift you above our daily tiny little problems of which we often make issue. Thereforetake the nature's challenges, go into the wild, push your limits, don't over-think about the precise plans, nature is unpredicted and there is a beauty lies in the uncertainty. Let yourself to experience the feeling of 'Aaj mai upar, aasman niche..!'
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