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September - February
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3 out of 30 attractions in Kalpetta

Soochippara Falls (Sentinel Rock Waterfall)

More famously known as the Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, this tourist hotspot is located close to the Meppadi town. A 300-foot high waterfall is the star attraction here and the pool beneath is a great place for swimming and having fun. Surrounded by lush green forests and hills, the Soochipara Waterfalls are a mere 30 minutes away from the town of Mepaddi and provide one with a great spot to relax and unwind. There are a number of huts that line the waterfall area. These little shacks sell food and beverages as one is bound to get hungry and thirsty after all that fun in the water. Bathrooms and locker facility are also made available against a little charge.
Dream Catchers
We visited Soochipara fall. The waterfall was 2 km walk away. The water was oozing out of the mountain .We just sat there and enjoyed natural foot spa.
Post lunch, you could head towards Soochippara Falls or Karapuzha dam depending on how much time you have by your side. And now it is time to head home, as it was only a quick trip. You might want to come back again on another weekend to explore further. Disclaimer: Information given here (like name of resorts and attractions) by no means be considered as commercial promotion of any sort, rather is solely a suggestion based on personal choice/opinion. Stop for breakfast.
Waterfalls: Wayanad has a number of waterfalls. Among them, we got to know that Soochipara falls and Meenmutty falls are quite famous. Both of these waterfalls also involve a bit of trekking down to reach the falls. We had decided to give the falls a miss due to weather conditions and lack of time.
The Travelling Assassin
5 pm. We are at Soochipara falls. On our way here, we find proof of ingenuity and affinity for art. All along the way, we find splash of colors adorning the trucks and building and shops, leaving us thinking. The people here take pride in the things they make from hand. They put their heart into it and that's what makes their work so special.3 kilometers of winding turnpike with dense coffee and pepper plantations with red and green and dark brown beans on one side. And a drop on the other, we reach Soochipara falls. Also known as Sentinel rock waterfalls, Soochipara is a three-tiered waterfalls surrounded by deciduous, evergreens and montane forests. Bamboo trees with light green leaves do a canopy as we walk.
Nabanita Roy
This waterfall is a 2 kms walk away.. downhill... So reaching would be nice 'n frolic and but returning will be all uphill. The falls was oozing with water brewing a misty cover on it flaunted with greenery all around. If you want you can take bath in it too ! Warning: Beware of leeches!