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Kandy Lake

Enjoy the View at the Kandy LakeA blue gem amongst the green landscape, the lake is right at the center and can’t be missed. Plus, just look at that view.
Mehul Rangani
Our boat stopped as per some gps location somewhat about 2-3 kms away from beach. And finally time came to dive in sea. I took deep breath and jumped into sea like i saw many time in discovery channel. Suddenly i was into deep sea with nothing to feel below my foot. And i was just breathing from my equipment. After fumbling in sea my head come out of sea. I hold boat as like never before. After i got comfortable with situation i took my first dive. I reached bottom of sea. It was just awesome feeling. After this ultimate experience we took bus to go to kandy. Its a mountain city. Well located between the mountains. You can find pizza-hut domino z and many Indian foods restaurant. Its a cultural place for srilankans. There is beautiful lake between the city. We got little expensive accommodation today for 4000 slr. But room was very good.
Mili Savani
I chose Down Town Backpackers Hostel, for my stay as they were quite economical.Kandy is the tiny hill station of Srilanka, so the only sightseeing of this place are temples, Big Buddha & Kandy Lake. 
Muthu Venkatesh
Once you reach Kandy by afternoon you can check into your hotel and rest for a while to start with your sight seeing in the evening. Backpackers vibe hostel, located in a quite little lane not far from lakeside was a good choice and also could meet and chat with some fellow travelers there.
Ruchika Makhija
But if someone wants to unwind. a leisurely walk around Lake Kandy would suffice.Else one can enthrall in the beauty of Peredeniya National Park, one of the best botanical gardens in Srilanka.Love the casual atmosphere. A complete family experience.
Kandy is set on a plateau surrounded by mountains, which are home to tea plantations and biodiverse rainforest. The city's heart is scenic Kandy Lake popular for strolling and very close to the main market with all big food chains and apparel brands (in case you plan to shop).We were staying in Kandy riverside home stay which was a huge house and the host family stays on the ground floor and give out whole of first floor to only one set of tourists. This floor has a huge living room with lots of books, TV , Sri Lanka travel guide, 2 bedrooms with 3 beds in total, a pretty balcony facing river with a dining table, one small kitchen with Oven and utensils and a small gym with 2-3 gym equipment. Family was really sweet and helpful, breakfast was really nice and we truly felt at home there. Its a little far from the main city therefore is away from the hustle bustle.
At the center of this city lies a vast lake, which is absolutely stunning! This lake was built by the British and I had a peculiar bout of deja-vu. I really felt like I was in England. On the whole Kandy feels very European in some parts which actually made me feel home sick. In Kandy I also had an opportunity to indulge in the local culture. We went to watch the traditional dancing on a different day, it really was a spectacular sight but the hall was full of tourists. I loved seeing the normally shy Sri Lankan women dance in their colorful saris with wide smiles on their faces. Kandy is such a surprising city, unlike anywhere else that I visited in Sri Lanka. It’s a lot cooler than the coast too which makes a refreshing change!
Ruchika Makhija
A beautiful city in central Sri Lanka- Kandy.
My Life in Sin
When we were in Sri Lanka, we spent a few nights in Kandy up in the centre of Sri Lanka. Very chilled and laid back place. Centred around the Kandy Lake. Monkeys roaming around and all sorts of birds. Visited the Relic Temple which was also lovely. Really worth a visit is the Colonial / English Graveyard up behind the temple.