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Royal Botanic Gardens

Palak Airon
Next destination in Kandy was a very famous Botanical garden, well maintained and some very special and rare species of plants and flowers are found there. We took entry tickets and took map. The botanical was such a large property, that there were guideline maps to cover each part of it. Some of the examples are- different kind of Coconut Street, where more than 10 types of coconut trees are planted. Orchid house, rose garden, Bamboo Trees, and many more. This place leaves you amazed and not just words, I would like to share the picture to make this reading experience more imaginative for all the explorer. If you are a Botany/plant lover than this is a much check place for you. Sri Lankan Botanical garden also offers canteen and it took us 3-4 hours to explore the garden, but easily 5-6 hours can be spent there.
Samantha Mascarenhas
To reach Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens (8AM to 5.30PM – LKR1500 no SAARC rate) - Baby Train# 1153 @1400hrs from Kandy -> Sarasaviuyana railway stn (20min walk from stn tot he gardens), and then Rail Bus# 12 @1830hrs from Sarasaviuyana railway stn -> Kandy