Ashish G
Around 4:30 pm we left for culture show which our driver had arranged. I had read of three locations for culture show: Kandyan Art Association & Cultural Centre, Kandy Lake Show, and Mahanuwara YMBA, and we ended up with YMBA one. It was slotted for 5 pm, though didn't start till 5:30 pm, but you should reach by 5 pm anyway to pick front seats. Honestly, I was underwhelmed by the quality, but for 1,000/- per adult it wasn't expensive. Whole dance had amateurish feeling and not well rehearsed. You would have seen better dance at your college festival, for example.Post dance, we had planned to walk around the Kandy Lake but it was dark and there were no lights or activity around. Other attractions we skipped in Kandy are Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya (1,500/- entry ticket) and Udawattekele Sanctuary (jungle to walk around for 2 hr, 500/-). You can also make a day trip to Sigiria via Dambulla Cave Temples (ticket 3,000/-) and Matale Hindu Temple which has famous Pidurangala Rock (ticket 500/-) and Lion Rock (ticket 5,500/-) for hiking.