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September - February
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Payyambalam Beach

About 2 kilometers from the railway station of Kannur, this is the most popular beach in city. The location is such that you can easily go there and the cheerful atmosphere can bring a smile on your face instantly. The shoreline is long and thus aot for a lazy walk along it. There are a number of holiday resorts here as well so it is even easier to stay close to it. The stalls on the beach sell delicious South Indian snacks, tea and coffee. There are other ferry sellers too who sell straw hats and other stuffs such as beach balls. the restaurants lined along the outer part of the beach serve delicious local cuisine and are a must try.
We didn't plan anything more on this day and went straight to bed,woke up a while before sun set i.e around 6 PM and rushed to the beach which was hardly few steps away from our resort. Payyambalam beach known for its beautiful sun set view was a visual treat in the quiet evening. Although you happen to see people doing their regular walks and jogs, the calmness of the beach remains undisturbed. There was another family who had checked in by this time, as I already mentioned that I happened to converse with many random people here it happened again. The entire family was up for chit chat,exchanged our whereabouts,meaningful conversations and gestures until checkout .It was a perfect last day of the year!
Satyam Kumar
Payyambalam beach is a large stretch of golden sand frilled by coconut greenery. The beach is good for swimming and sunbathing. However, it is one of those places that may make you feel to confine to local dressing code.