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Fish River Canyon Park

After two days at Aus, we went on a simply stunning drive rising high onto plateaux with views that seemingly never end and environments that are constantly changing. Much of the first part of the journey is on good, tar roads, before turning off south onto more gravel and less well maintained tracks. We drove for approximately 4 hours before we reached the Fish River Canyon Park. Comparable only to the Grand Canyon in the southwestern United States, the Fish River Canyon is 160 km long and 27 km wide. Most travelers wonder to the canyon to trek 85 km following the river over a series of days. On the northern end of the national park, lies the Hoba information centre, picnic areas, campgrounds, walking trails, and scenes to take your breath away. At the southern end of the canyon, Ai-Ais is a hot spring oasis, having campsites and bungalows available. It is in a remote, very arid corner of the country, thus keeping visitor numbers low. Quiver trees dot the landscape, while the canyon waters are home to small and largemouth yellowfish, sharp tooth catfish, tilapia and common carp. Klipspringer, ground squirrel, baboon, Hartmann’s mountain zebra, and leopard find refuge in the cliffs. Fish River is the perfect escape, delving into complete solitude and serenity which can only be found in total wilderness while on safari in Namibia.