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Kareri Lake

Sachin Bhardwaj
Next day as you wake up you can have breakfast and some walking around the lake area. Then you can start the trek down which can be done around five hours.Please plan the next step of booking cab from village to Dharamshala and then booking tickets to Delhi and schedule accordingly.You will have now have fresh the memories of the trip.Essentials:All the regular stuff required for trekking like toiletries, dry fruits, chocolates, first aid box, raincoat or poncho.Budget: 7-8k for the entire trip including the cost of Paragliding as well.Time: at least 4 days
Pritha Puri
Naghar – Kareri LakeOn the 7th day of the trek, you will ascend to a higher altitude and cross the Minkiani Pass. The Minkiani Pass is surrounded by glacial mountains at the base of which lies the Kareri Lake. The distance from Naghar to Kareri Lake is 8km and should take you about 6-7 hours to reach.You can also do a separate trek to Kareri Lake starting from Kareri Village that has a well-defined path up. You will be at an altitude of 13,950ft and it will be awfully cold even in the day while you cross the pass, so keep your thermal jackets handy and stop a couple of times to catch your breath. There are many campsites at the Kareri Lake and around as well, and you will find many trekkers at this lake. Tomorrow will be an easy day for you, as the trek down is quite easy with a number of makeshift stalls on the way that sell snacks and aerated drinks.Walking distance: 8km
At a distance of 32 km from Dharamshala and 39 km from McLeod Ganj, Kareri Lake, also known as Kumarwah Lake, is a high altitude lake south of the Dhauladhar range in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Trek to Kareri Lake is one of the top things to do in Dharamshala and it’s also one the best short treks near Dharamshala town… 5: Bijli Mahadev Temple (Near Kullu)
In front of me was the Shiva Temple, with stairs heading to the Kareri Lake. I saw few pilgrims near the temple. Upon asking them the significance of the temple at such high altitude. They told me a story. They said that Lord Shiva used to live in the Kareri village. And one day, while he was taking a bath in the open, few women saw him. He immediately ran towards the Kareri Lake and made it, his new home. I did not ask them any further questions. I acknowledged their beliefs and moved towards the other end of the lake, finding the best spot for my tent.
I started walking uphill, after a point I could see the beautiful step farmed paddy fields and the village huts. The initial trek is a bit tiring when one walks straight up towards the inclined, however, in a few hours, the body gets accustomed for the hike. After walking over the gravel road for a while, I came to a halt as I was confused about the path. There was a looking at the bridge ahead and a trail going right of it. There was a small confectionary shop beside the bridge, I sought assistance from the little boy in it. The kid guided me showing no emotion as if it was his daily grind.I took the trail on the right that was leading towards the massive forest. But, before I could walk much further, I started feeling tired and thirsty and there was no water left in my water bottle. Fortunately, it was the ‘Nyund’ river flowing alongside the trail that came to my aid. Nyund is a tributary flowing down through the Kareri Lake. After drinking the fresh water from the river, I sat for a moment looking at the broad foliage ahead comprehending my bond with the creation. Realizing, I have a long way to cover. I stood and started walking alongside the river, as she was the only companion I had.
Sreshti Verma
Where: Situated in the Kangra District, the trek to Kareri Lake begins from Ghera Village. To reach Ghera Village, take an overnight bus from Delhi to Dharamshala and then a taxi or local bus to Ghera Village.Route: The trek begins from the main bazaar (a great place to buy last- minute supplies). After crossing the bridge over Bhote Khosi, take a left and trek along the Kareri stream to reach Kareri Village. While trekking through the forested trail, you will pass a government school in Sari Village. Stock up here and keep moving towards Kareri Village from where the lake is 5-6 hours away, so definitely spend the night at Kareri Village. The lake is a good place to camp, but you can even stay at the Forest Guest House in Kareri Village (contact Forest Ranger in Dharamshala for more information) or at a homestay in the village (the locals are known to be hospitable).Duration: 7-8 hours
Nikhil Sharma
Roughly about an hour's walking later i paused near to large bridge crossing the Kareri River. A brief stop by the water to get a breathe later ,We(including leaders and 3 trekkers more) continued on. I came across some amazing sights which had not bargained on. The deeper into the forest we went and the higher we climbed, the better the scenery became, but i can't say i got to particularly enjoy it much. I was too exhausted to focus and more concerned with putting one foot in front of the other, that the trek became more about the destination and less about the journey itself. I was far out of my comfort zone, I wanted to collapse on the giant boulders and cry.But just when I thought my legs were ready to buckle and there was no way I could go on any longer, we arrived at a little landing. A open space adjacent to the stream,surrounded on all sides by the mountains. This place is known as Kareri Harnala. In other words,The perfect place in which to stop and set up camp for the night and we polished off the plate with good conversation on a high note.The sweetest words i could have hoped to hear at that moment.We had covered a distance of seven kilometers, a little over halfway to Kareri Lake, and it was a good place to stop for the day.Next Morning, I was woken up by the rays of the sun as my companion stepped outside and i struggled to come out from sleeping bag and that struggle soon got over and as i emanted from my tent i saw a enthralling beauty all around me. It really is calm and peaceful here,cocooned in the midst of nature,and the campsite is a beautiful one.After a quick breakfast of milk and oats, we decided that we would continue up to Kareri Lake.After Freshen up , ate a quick breakfast of milk and oats and we decided that we would continue up to Kareri Lake as i was enlived again and raring to reach there.And now I was just 6 Kilometres away.Now we all had began to our last leg and now it was quiet intimidating.The path was quiet daunting and paddy at some point and i slipped on rocks while walking, it was quiet learning experience. The winding rocky pavements were slightly slippery and treading on those was challenging. We went over gushing streams and we felt sprinkle of water with thin air and it was quiet palpable and inviograted us on more time and saved us from fading away.We kept Soldiering on, and soon after i spotted a small temple of Shiva and i realized that we are almost there.After being there, at shiva temple i saw the picture that made me bonkers and I was euphoric to see the Kareri Lake for which i went through agony and eventually,it paid off. With a surge of adrenaline, I trampled up the hill. With a surge of adrenaline, I trampled up the hill which was just behind the kareri lake. That hill was clad with snow and i got a chance to be in that snow. I was simply blown away to see the glistening water by the sun's shine in that lake. It was phenomenal. I had seen many pictures of the lake prior to embarking on the trek, but let me tell you,none of them did justice to the sight before me. The Blue water in the lake which was actually blue and that lake is all covered by sky kissing trees and i could have felt that cool breeze of air which was not allowing us to worn out in lieu of charged us even more.After spending some hours we followed back to our old urban banal lives.It grieved me to leave that place but i had no other potion at all.Everyone should come once in a lifetime to seek adventure, peace and nature.
Aftab Singh
Kareri Lake is a shallow freshwater lake around 9 km from Dharamsala. Located at a very high altitude, the lake is fed by the snow melting from the Dhauladhar mountains. Due to the fresh shallow water, the bed of the lake is easily visible. The lake is 3 km from Ghera, which is the nearest road head and I had to hike from here to reach the lake.