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Kareri Lake Camping

Shubham Jain
Early morning after warm-up and light breakfast, we started to march towards the lake. From this point, the trek became difficult and as we ascended, because of snow, the trek became a bit slippery, but still secure. After a 3 hour of Trek we reached the summit.
Hardik Nagda
With the sun rise we rose, and started trekking. According to the guide the trek was of 7-8 hours as we hadn't researched and we didn't knew that it is of 2 days. Hence we started the climb. We had heavy breakfast and hence didn't carry much food other than sandwiches and chips and frootis. Also we only had a bottle per person. We mostly drank water from the nearby stream that we were following to reach Kareri Lake.The more higher we climbed the more the views started getting better. We reached Reoti in 5 hrs around like 3 pm. We were exhausted with no food, only the water stream water and were totally mad at the guide. At reoti there was a lot of snow. Since we were so hungry and we had nothing to eat we literally ate snow. The girls and a couple of guys decided they couldn't continue but me and a friend of mine wanted to go to the lake. So then after a lot of arguments we decided to go there without the guide as we connviced everyone that the guide should accompany the girls and those 2 guys to way down. Guide had warned us that it can be difficult because there is almost 4-5 feet snow near Kareri Lake but we had to go. By this time cameras were dead, phones had little battery which we were saving for the night torch.We started climbing, witnessed a very beautiful sunset. Almost walking for 3 hours we encountered snow of about 2-3ft. It got very very very cold, and we could hear noises from everywhere. After walking for another half and hour we decided that it could turn out to be risky if we continue any further as we didn't know how far is it.Adding to this my friends phone died, so basically we had only one phone with 10-12 % battery in it and hence we reached on a conclusion to start descend towards the base camp instead of risking our lives.Walking for some 2-3 hours we realized we missed the water stream. That scared the shit out of us. But we knew that somehow we have to get back to the base camp as soon as possible. We started following the noise of the water stream. We walked and walked and walked with our hearts in our mouth but finally we found the water stream and started following it downwards. We knew we could make it down safely, ignoring all the jungle noises we made sure to not stop anywhere even when we were dead hungry. If we had lost our hopes, anyone of us would have fainted and it would have become difficult to reach to the base camp. But by 12 am we somehow reached the basecamp and celebrated our victories, obviously it was something to celebrate.Two very important lessons we learnt for the rest of our lives -a. Do not go for a DIY trek if you don't know the place, you will get lost 99% of the times and can be the prey of some bear as well.b. Even if you are lost, follow a water stream. It will always lead you to a village.Contest entry for The Adventurer Blog Contest November 2017 by Bikat Adventures
Disha Kapkoti
Walking distance from Reoti to Kareri Lake: 6kmStart your trek to the lake and remember to stock up on snacks and water for the hike ahead for the next day. The stone trail continues from Reoti and the beautiful vista of the fresh Nyund river unfurls towards your left. The trail is a mix of steep stone pathways and clear green meadows by the riverside. Crossover to the other side of the river, jumping over the river boulders right at the end of the trail. Walk up the last hillock beyond which lies the majestic Kareri Lake.Accommodation at Kareri Lake: If you're carrying your own tent, you can pick a location of your choice around the lake to pitch the tent. Usually hikers camp near the Shiv Shakti Temple, since the only shop here has provisions for food and water. To save yourself from the harsh winds at night, you can also pitch a tent inside one of the vacant Gaddi shelters near the temple.