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7:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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Dubare Elephant Camp

This elephant camp has about 30- 40 elephants which are bought for bathing to the river in the morning. This is when you can take turns to wash and brush these elephants and jumbos and also click photos with them. The only criterial is that you need to reach the spot before 9:30 AM in the morning or after 5:00 PM in the evening. These are the time when you get this place a little less crowded as otherwise the queue is usually too long to end.
Nancy Johri
Saurabh Bagakar
Another place for which coorg is known for and a must visit place.Also just for fun, ask the caretakers to tell names of elephants. They do got quite good names. You'll get to feed elephants and watch them have bath.
That day was the check out from our home stay. On the way back to Bangalore, we decided to cover one more spot “Dubare” The Elephant House. Somehow, I couldn’t go to the main place. As to reach the main centre, you need to go barefoot by crossing the river and I am not that physically able to do so due to my prosthetic leg, so only my elder brother and a cousin visited the place, while the other us went for some silk shopping. Well!! I had no other option.
Pushpendra Pandey
Dubare Elephant Camp
Akshay Gaglekar
Day 2: I woke up at 7:00 am and got ready by 8:00 am to explore most of the Coorg. I had breakfast in a nearby restaurant and set off to Dubare Elephant Camp. On the way I tagged along a couple from the hostel who also headed to the same place. We reached there by 9:00 am and it was starting to get crowded. We kept the bikes in parking area and stood in the queue for the boat ride to the other side of the camp where we can see elephants being bathed and fed. The ride cost you Rs.50/- and another Rs. 100/- (More for foreigners) if you want to bathe the elephants. There are elephants of all sizes from a baby elephant to really old one.