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Dubare Elephant Camp

This elephant camp has about 30- 40 elephants which are bought for bathing to the river in the morning. This is when you can take turns to wash and brush these elephants and jumbos and also click photos with them. The only criterial is that you need to reach the spot before 9:30 AM in the morning or after 5:00 PM in the evening. These are the time when you get this place a little less crowded as otherwise the queue is usually too long to end.
Kapil Kumar
Divya Sree
We the proceeded for River rafting, swam in waters for a bit before getting back as it started to rain heavily.We left to a bio park after having lunch and shopping. It was raining anyways , yet still we stopped all over the place to get good look of that and take some group pictures
Divya Sree
The next day, we started early to visit Dubare Elephant camp and could reach to the spot only after 1 hour of waiting as there was much rush due to weekend. There were so many phants from small to the largest and before this, we have never seen such number of elephants together at one place.
The Indian Banjara
There’s a controversy on this location as to “the elephants are to be left free” say the activists , but if left free the elephants die because of poaching Say the trainers — I personally feel they are doing a brilliant job in actually safeguarding these animals! . As I saw these giants a fear trembled in my heart but that fear was soon turned into nothing ., although they are giants they are more like kids who also crave for love. An example of “devastating yet beautiful”And also It was the day of reckoning !! Where I had to return back to Bangalore but hey filled up my car with stacks of wine , coffee beans and spices . Bleh! Just because this said “not just the coffee version” doesn’t mean there is no coffee at all . Haha one is bound to go gaga over the driveway because when you drive through all you can see is them beautiful coffee estates . PS make sure you are a good driver if you are a driver because the scenes across the driveway is too very distractive!! Big question on how much will it cost ?Even if you spend lavishly the budget won’t cross 15 k unless you are staying in 5 star hotels . The locations and the views are one level and the food is a whole new level in coorg - wherever you try , you are bound to get some epic exercises to your taste buds #travelresponsibly #solotraveller #saynotoplasticFor more follow me on insta @not_your_deskjob_guy
Shilpa Shashidhar
Our last day in the coffee country, we made a move to Dubare Elephant Camp. If you get your timing right, you can even participate in the bathing and scrubbing of the elephants in the Dubare camp. We got a little late getting here, so missed out on this. You can either raft across the river or simply take a shared boat. I was super excited about visiting Dubare elephant camp as the mere sight of these gentle giants makes me so happy. But, my visit made me quite sad looking at the plight of these elephants. I don’t think I would ever want to visit this place ☹