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Hebbe Falls

This is one of the most picturesque tourist attractions of Karnataka and is in the Chikmagalur District. The snow white falls drops down from quite a height and forms two levels- The Dodda Hebbe or the big falls and the Chikka Hebbe or the small falls. The waters of here are known to be herb infused and has certain therapeutic values for the health. Taking a dip here will prove good for your body. This is because, the mountain, along whose body the water ripples town has bushes small herbal plants and the goodness of these are going into the water continuously. If you come here during the early winters, you will be able to experience the real beauty of the flora and fauna of this place.
Gautham S
Hebbe waterfalls is present inside Bhadra Tiger reserve. The last 7-8 km of the journey will be rough. There were no shops in this area.We can only go till the forest check post by car. From there we have to travel either by trekking or by a jeep. The falls is 12 km away from this check post.If you opt for trekking make sure you go before 10 am as trekking is not allowed beyond this time. The jeep travel costs 400 per person. We got into the jeep and it was a hell of a ride. We climbed hills, passed through beautiful meadows and forests.
Anil Kumar
Kritika Sehgal
Then, we moved towards the most beautiful spot in our whole trip. The BUTTERMILK FALLS. Guys, it was so beautiful , I just can't explain here. You need to take a jeep to reach those falls as they were deep inside the valley. AMAZING . Check out the photos to see more.
Gitika Saksena
Meandering through coffee plantations: Discovering the Hebbe FallsIn coffee country, you must visit a coffee plantation. And if you don’t know a planter, then there is always Hebbe Falls. About 10 kilometres from Kemmangundi, these waterfalls are inside a coffee estate and can be reached either on foot or on a government approved forest jeep, which goes through private estates. However, the last kilometer needs to be trekked in order to reach the falls. And you must watch out for leeches, especially during the monsoons.
Extremely chill water, great feeling to stand under the rushing speed of the water. Great offroad driving in Jeep to reach the falls.