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This is the highest peak of Karnataka and is a part of the Babu Budhan Giri Range in the District of Chikmagalur. There is a small Shiva Temple on top of this hill and that point is the highest point of the state. The Mullayanagiri is perfect for hiking and it is higher than the Nilgiris but lower than the Himalayas. The views from top of the mountain with cool air brushing your face is a very nice feeling and worth all the difficulty you will face to climb the mountain.
Adithya R Upadhya
After having a great time in the resort, the next day we left to our next destination - Mullayanagiri (ಮುಳ್ಳಯನಗಿರಿ). This ride was around 60km with almost 10km of off-roading! It took us more time than expected. The traffic was too much when we were close to the parking spot of Mullayanagiri. It was also too much crowded due to revenge traveling. We parked our bikes and started our walk. The wind speed was such that it felt like someone is pushing us down! On top of this, it was fully covered with fog. It was an adventure to reach the peak (with our riding jackets and bags on!).
seema navale
Mullangiri is the main point where on the way if its long weekend you can get lot of traffic.The Peak trek is for 1 km [steps] .Take elders only if they can otherwise please ask them to stay down and you can quickly trek till peak , take pics and come back.
Vikram Mn
After a short rest we saw one more Tamil group who were huffing and puffing to reach the top. They gave us confidence. We reached the top where we somewhat explored the cave and took a couple of photos. Then rested and had bread jam lunch at the top. Two were descending while we were ascending who had inquired about Baba Budangiri. I asked them to inquire about it from the priest. They did and started on their own. After half an hour we too followed.The initial few minutes were scary. One guy who didn't know either Tamil or Hindi tried to guide us. We were so skeptical. What I read was in front of us and we didn't have a clue where this guy was guiding. I was contemplating whether to go forward or return. Finally I thought we'll go to a point from where we could return in broad daylight. It was 12.11 then so may be for two more hours but within minutes we found out the route and started travelling.From then it was a cakewalk. We were flawless after that in spite of cramps which Balaji developed. We walked straight for next four hours and cleared good ground. We had to shell out 200 rupees to walk from the road we hit after 1.5 hours to waterfalls. That 1.5 hours was the best. Prasanna started to gain his energy and Karthik got back normal.
Surabhi Keerthi
After soaking ourselves in the panoramic beauty of the clouds, we climbed a few more steps to find a small temple, and a shelter place that housed calves and puppies. As the clouds started to clear off, we realised it was time to descend down and so we did. We came down to a small stall that sold Maggie, and it was much needed in that early morning chill winds.