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Katagla Forest Retreat

ManIsh VarMa
Waking up from my uncomfortable sleep due to the cool weather i noticed that it was already 6 am. i went to wake the others from their tents and went on a walk to answer the call of the nature.... before we were ready to descend to Kasol and the trio leaving to Chandigarh that evening we decided to visit the spring once more. here i met two Hyderabadi's who were on their solo trips too and i decided to spend the rest of the day with them. Coming down to Kasol i wanted to stay here itself until one of them wanted all of us to visit Katagla. i dint like the idea of walking to katagla but then i made up my mind and went on with them. we reached Katagla and spent the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing by the river side.
pooja thakkar
Katalga - Day 6Yet again after bidding an emotional good bye to Kheergana, we decided to learn some lessons from our past mistakes and we decided to trek down early morning back to Barsheini where we had left our luggage. It was a perfect decision and the fact that the sun wasn't too harsh on us for a larger part of our trek, came to our advantage.
Across the river and about 1 km from Parvati Woods Cottage is this gem hidden in a forest next to Parvati River. While Parvati Cottage is the place to get down and enjoy the environment and the views, this place is the one that acts as a base for adventures big and small. Cafe Mari Vanna is part of this property and serves great stuff. While staying at Parvati Woods Cottage, our dinner used to be here only. One can walk to Kasol through a jungle (3.5 kms from this retreat) and along the river, away from the traffic noise. Next, one can take a half day trek with a guide from the retreat itself. All wood, slate and stone, this is a neo-classic Himachali construction