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Key Gompa

Rosy Paul Chowdhury
Sometimes we need to climb down the stairs of our reality to dig up the mines of darkness and bring out the Sun-rays. You may wonder what I am up to now with this statement. Well eventually I will bring up this context.
Rashmi Shetty
Key monastery: A picturesque Tibetan Buddhist monastery located on a hilltop in Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh, in midst of brown and white coated gigantic mountain ranges.
subham shaw
This was my 9th day of my trip, luckily we got a lift from food truck. Time to leave kibber village, they drop us at key village. From key village key monastery is 5 km. So we hike from key village to key monastery. Because of steep road, we get tired. Once we reach in the monastery, hospitality of the monks make our tiredness vanished. They provide tea as a welcome drink and make bonfire for us. Also they took us for a small trip of monastery. View was stunning from monastery, you will able to witness the actual beauty of spiti valley from key monastery.Also there is option for stay in monastery for Rs. 250 per night. It's really worth to spend a night there. Also they will provide you food but there will no nonveg options. After having chit chat from monks and monastery tour, we hit our bed and we ready to roll of back to Shimla. Because there is nothing to see more, most of the places are closed.
Suhani Rampal
After a basic breakfast the next day, we decided to explore Key Monastery and Kibber (12-15 km from Kaza). Low on budget, we sought help from the ITBP camp and got ourselves a Scorpio to roam around - perks of being a fauji kid! The first stop was Key Monastery, the biggest in the valley. It has pin drop silence and a mesmerizing view of the valley that captivates you.
Rahul Nanda
On day 11 of my I travel to the capital of Spiti Valley, Kaza, where I spend an the whole afternoon exploring the place before leaving to stay at the iconic Kee Monastery in the evening.