Key Gompa 1/23 by Tripoto

Key Gompa

Ashwin Pateriya
I decided to take a shortcut to Monastery and left the road. The trek was just around 80 meters but it took me one and half and hour because I never trek on deserted mountains, these mountains did not have herbs on it which did not hold the surface for trekking hence become loose. I finally reached Key Monastery.It happens so fast for me, I was in Key Monastery, the place which was in my bucket list and I was there. I explore the Monastery, interact with Monks, families, travellers there. Some of them also know me because they had seen me walking on that road. I had a tea in the Monastery kitchen which was quite a different experience. The view of valley from key Monastery which very beautiful.
Shobha Rawat
One can plan their next few days based on the distance from Kaza.
Rachit Agarwal
We woke up to the Sunshine of the sun after 3 days of overshadow, this was the day we had to visit the highlight of our trip, which was the Key Monastery, we all had hot Ginger Lemon tea, we also had the audacity of hot water in Kibber, still even thinking about the bath was not a mundane task for us all but Ashish, he was the guy who can take bath even in Winterfell. So there we were ready and all set to go hardly Fifteen minutes from the place and Voila we were at the Entrance of Key, So now it was Late in the morning when we got off from Kibber and still late in the morning when we set foot in Monastery, we were not tired so all we have to do was take the equipment of Photography and walk on the roads less traveled, but before that we had to get some Breakfast as we were starving, so just a small restaurant you can find outside the Monastery which can serve dumplings,potato fries and our very own favorite Maggi and of course people were super friendly.
Some Aditya Mandal
From Kaza , the Key Monastery is around 12 kms towards Khibber. Key Gompa is said to have been founded by Dromtön (Brom-ston, 1008-1064 CE), a pupil of the famous teacher, Atisha, in the 11th century. This may however, refer to a now destroyed Kadampa monastery at the nearby village of Rangrik, which was probably destroyed in the 14th century when the Sakya sect rose to power with Mongol assistance.Key Gompa now belongs to the Gelugpa sect, along with Tabo Monastery and Dhankar Gompa, one of three in Spiti. Key is also the biggest center for Buddhist Learning in Spiti and it is also the oldest training center for Lhamas.
Prakriti Varshney
After an hour, at around 2 PM, I proceeded towards Key Gompa. The sun was shining on top of my head but the winds couldn't let me feel the sun, it was about -15 degrees with the brightest sun in my one month stay in Spiti Valley.I reached Key Gompa during lunch time and saw a dozen of little lamas playing cricket. It was such a joy to watch them having fun. I visited Key Gompa twice, as it is closest to Kaza and most beautiful gompa in the entire Spiti Valley.I had lunch there and some conversation with lamas about weather conditions and how there was no snowfall till mid Jan. (You can read about how Langza miraculously transformed in a night)I came back to Kaza before dusk and trekked to Langza with a dozen of kids next day.Watch this space to know how I reached Langza on strecher (just kidding)!
kavya pant
During our stay in Kaza, we visited the famous ki Monastery, known as the highest monastery in the world. It is far from the hustle bustle of Kaza town and settles gracefully amidst the Spiti river valley on one side and snow packed mountains on another side.
Mayank Goyal
5. KeeGompaJust hold on to your cup of tea and witness the most exquisite landscape of your life. The rivulets, cotton clouds, clear blue sky and a grand landscape in the midst of peaceful chants of hundreds of Tibetan monks. If you're lucky enough, this place will also provide you with a beautiful view of Milky Way Galaxy.Highest altitude: 4116 meters
Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma
1st July :- Last day evening while walking around the village I asked some of the natives about places to explore around the area, finally I decided to go to Key Monastery and Kibber next morning by taking Lift. Early morning I got the lift after waiting for half an hour and reached Key Monastery by 8 A.M. It is the largest monastery in Spiti and there I met a Lama who was very generous, he offered me tea and breakfast and asked me about suggestions to start some small scale business to help students of the monastery to get better education and facilities. He was truly inspirational and I was amazed by his will power. I cancelled my visit to Kibber & spend some more time there. After lunch I went back to Kaza & from there took the bus to Tabo. I stayed in Tabo that night and planned for the next day to explore the place.
Saumya Jain
• Explore the ways of monastic life or look around the Gompa.(Many foreigners stay and at night you can hang out with everyone at the cafe below the monastery)
Vineet Kumar
Key Gompa/monastery: Key gompa is located at an altitude of 4116 metres on a rocky outcrop and provides a perfect view of the Spiti River snaking between the mountains. It is the largest gompa in Spiti and belongs to the Gelepu sect. It is situated between Kaza and Kibber with the Key village in close proximity. We arrived at 5.30pm and there was no bed left for stay. We requested and finally arranged beds to stay overnight. I decided to sleep in the terrace under the open sky, which will remain an unforgettable experience for me. We interacted with migrant workers from Odisha and Bihar who toil hard to keep the construction work going in this part of the country. The gompa has basic shared rooms with per bed cost of Rs 250 that includes food and tea. Do not expect fancy food and restroom facilities are basic. The stay is good for understanding the monastic life and to engage with monks on socio-political discussions.