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Giriganga Temple

Another day and another beautiful sunrise. It’s the day when we were supposed to say adieu to one of the best places in Himalayas. No tracks of tourists, no hustle and bustle, no restrictions and complete serenity. We left the place but before that we left our ration in the house as a gesture of gratitude to people who stocked wood and other things for people visiting that place. We started our descent and within no time (exactly 1 hr) we were back at Giri Ganga temple. We headed towards our vehicle and started off to Delhi.
Navneet Kumar
It was the morning of our trek to Kuppad, a meadow with a scenic 360 view at a height of 10,600 Ft (3250 m). After dismantling our camp we headed towards Giri Ganga Temple, the source of River Giri Ganga. We realized how beautiful the surrounding was. A dense forest with high lines of Deodar, herbs, shrubs and wide variety of Fauna. After a trek of around 15-20 mins we reached Giri Ganga Temple. Giri Ganga temple complex consists of three shrines and almost ruined lodges (Sarai). The main shrine is a simple, square, stone structure with a curving, conical roof. This shrine is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The interiors are dark except for the dim light of the. The other two shrines are placed above the water tank with River Giri Ganga flowing right into it, facing each other. One of them has the idols of Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita, while the other has a large, marble Shiva Lingam.