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Kheer Ganga Trek

Aarushi Gaur
Kheerganga is definitely very popular now and famous destination but it's all worth it. The beauty of kheerganga cannot be explained in few letters.  The trek is of 5-6 hours,depending on one's speed and it's moderately difficult. There are 3 routes of the trek out of which the village one is slightly easy. It's challenging to do the trek  during monsoon since it's very difficult to maintain your balance on moist soil. Few things to keep in mind while doing this trek are:-Stay hydrated,keep an energy drink that'll keep you going -the first 15-20 mins of the trek after barshaini is very challenging,keep you calm while doing that -wear good trekking shoes and make sure they are waterproof or else you'll have to carry one extra pair since there are a lot of waterfalls-try to book your tents in advance or carry your own tent,it's usual tight packed so getting one on the spot is a little difficult.-And travel light and carry a light sweater as it gets a little cold in the night.-rent a stick from barshaini before starting the trek.-you don't really need an external guide,there are many locals with whom you can easily tag along.Few things to not miss on-make sure you reach there before sunset,the view then is breathtaking -do not miss on the hot spring bath once you are there,it's relaxing-and lastly, do not miss stargazing in the night, it's a view you'll never forget in your entire life.You should definitely do this trek once in your life and now that we are all in it,don't forget to carry your sanitizers.Lenght of the trek-12-13 kmsStart point-barshaini
Anjana. P
I bid adieu to Manali and headed to Kheerganga by early morning. Kheerganga is located at an altitude of 12000 feet above sea level and offered picturesque views wherever you turn to. The hike was of 14 km from Barshaini which is the last motorable spot, and is considered to be moderate. Trek started off with a plain terrain with rocks and swamps in between until the beautiful village of Nakthan. This is a small settlement land and I believe villagers offer home stays here. The hike will get devious from here. After the next village on the way – Rudranag – the trail is very steep. It would take almost 1:30 hour from Rudranag to reach the camp. From Rudranag the trail would turn really adventurous and is mostly covered in snow. Due to heavy snow, there were a very few accommodation options available at the peak. I managed to get a shared tent with heater for 200 per bed. All I could see was snow and it was so much better than Solang valley. It began to snow by dawn and temperature fell to negative degrees at night. Everyone in tent gathered around furnace and shared some great travel stories at night. Kheerganga trek cannot be complete without making atleast one canine pals on the way.
Hippie On Road
Khir Ganga/Kheerganga trek starts from Barsheni, 9 KM from Manikaran.
It was about an unplanned trip of seven friends who made it to Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. After a scenic bus ride of about 13 hours we reached at Bhuntar. A place known for Bhudhist Monastery, local markets etc. We took a taxi and somehow managed to sit all together. Through the lush green meadows and a bumpy ride we reached at Kasol but that's not where the magic happen. Its about after a day well spend in Kasol bumping into every single cafe just for the positive vibe they shared, it was also beautiful to sit on the banks of Parvati river. Next morning we all seven friends went onto a taxi stand hired 2 taxi this time as it costs was cheaper and started towards our main destination which comes after crossing over a moderate level trek of 14kms from Barshaini Dam (which was undervconstruction at that time). That is called Kheerganga trek which gives a natural hot water springs to dip in. It is a magical place where lost kartikay the son of lord shiva meditated for many years. It is believed that naturally some kind of malai is being seen over there which comes along with the water of hot springs is said to cure the stomach diseases. So however we crossed the last bridge which took us into the trail. Then the magic started to begin we all friends were enjoying as deep as we were going. Sitting after every 100 meters and talking about the peace of that place, cleanliness of the air and much more somehow managed to 7 kms of that trek. As it was the middle we wanted to have a hault of at least half n hour and thats the place which i was talking about my friend discovered a place which was covered with the shadow of trees and the other side it was very vast view of parvati valley. I sat on the grass and the space there was too much that i ended up dreaming about what if could have been possible that i build my own Lanai room in this open paradise. Lanai is a room in every hotel which has a spectacular view but i couldn't find out any better than that place where i was sitting in the middle of a trek with seven of my fast friends. It is all about that magical place. We managed to click a beautiful picture of that place. I would love if you people use that photograph and also use #offroadtravels Instagram handle : offroadtraveller
Preity Yadav
How to reach Barshiani Village, trek’s threshold : Nearest railhead is Pathankot which is 150 KM from Bhuntar. I would recommend taking an overnight Volvo bus from Delhi to Bhuntar(runs daily). Take an HRTC bus from Bhuntar to Manikaran(36 Kms in 90 min) and then from Manikaran to Barshaini (14 Kms in 45 min). Taxi option is also available from Bhuntar but bus is a cheap option.Route to Kheerganga : There are two route options to reach Kheerganga,Via Rudranag (13 Kms steep climb). Not recommended for people with less physical fitness but this route is more scenic.Via Kalga, Pulga (17 Kms moderate climb). Recommended for easy going trekkers. Starting point of Trek, Barshaini Village