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Ring of Kerry

vidhi bubna
With not much to do around the causeway, we decided to take a car ride on the Ring of Kerry which is a 179 km scenic drive on the Southwest coast of Ireland. It may sound like a lot but with your car cruising at 80km per hour, it is easy to complete the drive in three hours without stopping to get magnificent pictures. If you wish to stop to get those captivating pictures, it will take you about 4 hours. There are numerous sea-side restaurants which come on the way and are worth trying. There is a lot of greenery on the way and the car never leaves the ocean side. We did stop at some roadside shack to eat where there was amazing food and a great view by the ocean. There was bird feeding at the restaurant too. Even this was an instant plan and it felt great to see that there are great things in Ireland which we hadn’t even heard of before. We did not expect much and were awed at all the spontaneous things that sprung towards us.
The Ring of Kerry is one of Europe’s great scenic drives, a circular route around the rim of the Iveragh Peninsula in the extreme southwest of Ireland, through rugged sandstone hills and lush sub-tropical vegetation, with myriad mountain and coastal views. The route overlooks Dingle Bay to the north, the open Atlantic to the west and the sheltered waters of Kenmare Bay to the south. Inland, to the east, are the purple hills known as Macgillycuddy’s Reeks and the Lakes of Killarney. The Gulf Steam ensures a mild, frost-free climate.