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Konark Sun Temple

he major attraction of the town of Konark, this temple is a stunning example of ancient Odisha Temple architecture. The temple was built in the 13th Century during the reign of King Narasimhavarmana I. Samba, the son of Lord Krishna was cursed by him and this made him a victim of leprosy. After this he started practising strict penace and at the end of this he attained the blessings of the Sun God. Lord Surya is the one who is said to have powers of curing all sorts of sking diseases and so did he cure Samba. As a mark of his gratitude and devotion he built the Konark Sun Temple. Next day when he was taking a bath in the waters of Chandrabhaga, a picture of Lord Surya floated to his hands and he took it as an instruction of the Lord. He immediately placed this image in the temple he had built. The temple is huge and is in the form of a chariot which has 12 wheels and being driven by 7 horses. The idol of the Sun God is in a standing posture and the horses are shown carrying him across the heavens. The temple was also called as the 'Black Pagoda' by the British because it was built completely of black granite.
Pubali Chaudhuri
Any trip to Orissa is never completed without a visit to Konark Sun Temple.This UNESCO World Heritage site inspired a lot of art and culture over the years. The exquisite architecture with such intricately carved figures is a treat for the eyes.We visited on a rainy day-  even then the weather couldn't dampen our spirits.Those who like visiting monuments must visit Konark for it's serene ambiance and unique charm. The surrounding green vistas provide a beautiful backdrop for photos.Eat: Try out local Oriya cuisine.Must try the sweet treats in the local shopsShop:Shop in the local stores for Konark temple shaped wheels, mirrorwork umbrellas, fabrics and more.Reach: By car or bus ( 1-2 hrs from Bhuvaneshwar & Puri)
The Konark or Konarak Sun temple is dedicated to the Hindu sun god Surya, and, conceived as a giant stone chariot with 12 wheels, it is the most famous of the few sun temples built in India. It is located about 35 km northeast of the city of Puri on the coastline in the state of Odisha (earlier Orissa). It was built c. 1250 CE by King Narasimhadeva I (r. 1238-1264 CE) of the Eastern Ganga dynasty (8th century CE - 15th century CE). The temple in its present state was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site in 1984 CE.
Aditya Kumar Sahoo
Another highlight of this stunning temple is, the wheels of the temple are designed with such precision that one can gauge the time of the day by looking at the shadow cast by the sun on the spoke of the wheels.
It’s 3 km from the Chandrabhaga beach. Konark temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site and most exquisite Sun Temple of India. This temple is known for its impressive architecture as it is designed as a gigantic chariot with many chariot wheels, dedicated to the Sun God.