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Konark Sun Temple

he major attraction of the town of Konark, this temple is a stunning example of ancient Odisha Temple architecture. The temple was built in the 13th Century during the reign of King Narasimhavarmana I. Samba, the son of Lord Krishna was cursed by him and this made him a victim of leprosy. After this he started practising strict penace and at the end of this he attained the blessings of the Sun God. Lord Surya is the one who is said to have powers of curing all sorts of sking diseases and so did he cure Samba. As a mark of his gratitude and devotion he built the Konark Sun Temple. Next day when he was taking a bath in the waters of Chandrabhaga, a picture of Lord Surya floated to his hands and he took it as an instruction of the Lord. He immediately placed this image in the temple he had built. The temple is huge and is in the form of a chariot which has 12 wheels and being driven by 7 horses. The idol of the Sun God is in a standing posture and the horses are shown carrying him across the heavens. The temple was also called as the 'Black Pagoda' by the British because it was built completely of black granite.
Arpa Mitra Vakharia
Konark Temple: It is a very famous tourist spot with the Sun temple being one of the oldest archaeological wonder of the region. It is beautiful to witness such artwork.
Wander with Sakshi
A sculpture marvel of Odisha, the walls have figures of divine, semi divine and humans along with geometric and floral patterns.
Vaibhav Mishra
Moving ahead with the journey, we reached Konark temple. It was time to know about the secrets of Konark temple and its history. This temple is dedicated to Hindu Sun God "Surya". The structures are famous for intricate artwork, iconography and themes including erotic kama and mithun scenes. There are several myths about this place which can be heard from local people which you may find amusing (If you choose believe them).
Ddead Mman
Famous for sun temple
The Konark Sun Temple, which is under UNESCO World heritage in 1984, is among the many wonders of the world. This massive and magnificent structure is spellbinding and although mostly in ruins, it still upholds some of the best architectural and sculptural art of the 13th century Kalinga that is today’s Odisha.