Sun Temple 1/8 by Tripoto

Sun Temple

Mind blowing Structure with an interesting history at background. The architecture and the culture involved will make you travel the past and glorious Indian heritage. Don't fail to see the sun rise on the near by beach.
Karan Sakhuja
The sun temple is housed in a complex which is adjoining the Navagraha temple. The temple housing the nine planetary deities on a Navagraha slab has a prophylactic effect on the safety of the temple and is housed in many temples in Odisha.
This Sun Temple Konark, a symbol of India’s ancient architectural skills was completed in 12 years (1243-1255 AD) with the help of 1200 workers. Beautifully designed as a chariot mounted on 24 wheels, each of diameters about 10 feet decorated by most exquisite stone carvings, and drawn by 7 strong horses, it boasts of India’s rich cultural heritage.
Yamini Vijendran
If Jagannath temple is the white Pagoda, this is the Black Pagoda. It is an architectural wonder, and though its main sanctum had collapsed a few centuries ago and has been rebuilt, the significance of this temple has not diminished a bit. It is a heritage site declared by UNESCO and the place to be for anyone interested in archaeology.