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September - May
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Railay Beach

Mallika Rohatgi
Climbing at Railay Beach: 5 levels/difficulties and damn, I can’t believe I finished them all in one go! Rock climbing has always had space in my bucket-list since very long. Railay beach is famous for rock climbing and once you succeed, the view will make you want to stay up there all day long. It’s safe and worth putting pressure on your fingers and toes. The experience costs around 100 baht. They provide you with shoes, safety equipment and an experienced belayer. Also, if you’re confident and experienced enough, they allow you to go on to a bouldering experience as well.
Saurav Basu
If you're in Ao Nang - make sure you visit Railay beach, it's only 10mins by longtail boat from Ao Nang beach. The beach is accessible only by water. You can also go to Tonsai beach which is just adjacent to Railay, but again accessible only by water.
Saurabh Thapar
With limestone cliffs, caves, sandy beaches, and warm, crystal blue water, Railay Beach, Thailand is a place where a travelers dream is made.Rock climbing is one of the adventure activities done here.
shreya shively
Ao Nang is the beach in the main Krabi district, and isn’t the best beach around. This is the main commercial area with lots of shops, restaurants and a very goa-feel.More importantly, you can take the local ‘long-tail boats’ from Ao Nang to visit other islands nearby.We decided to go to Railay beach, half an hour away from Ao Nang.
This was superb. I actually had a great time alone here for like 4 hrs.