Sumedha Bharpilania
Yet another important landmark in Krakow and the shining gem of Rynek Glowny, the 70 metre Gothic Town Hall Tower is exceedingly special because it is the city’s answer to the Leaning Tower, one of the most popular wonders of the world. Owing to a slight tilt caused by inclement weather, the Town Hall Tower tends to lean just a tad bit. What was once home to the city prison and an elaborate torture chamber, the Town Hall Tower now has an impressive 16th Century mechanical clock along with a café and a theatre in the basement. The Town Hall was unfortunately dismantled in the 1800s and the tower is all that was left. The observation deck and the top floor of the Ratuszowa are open to visitors from May to October and the ticket comes for around 7PLN. The staircase however is exceedingly narrow and there are some 100 steps for one to climb.