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Rynek Główny

Sumedha Bharpilania
Krakow’s Central Square, replete with its grandeur and charm is undoubtedly one of the most stunning plazas around the world. This 13th century marvel is perpetually bustling with activity and occupies a massive area of some 10 acres. It therefore happens to be the largest square out of all medieval cities in Europe. The layout was intriguingly based on a Roman Military Camp. If Krakow was a human body, Rynek Glowny would be the blood running through its veins; both are ultimately incomplete without each other. The rectangular square is surrounded by churches and town houses and the most prominent of them all are the Town Hall Tower, St Mary’s Basilica and the Krakow Cloth Hall. They rise like giants and account for the most conspicuous structures around the plaza. The pubs, restaurants and cafes are so large in number that it is almost impossible to keep track. Rynek Glowny is also a playground for buskers right from musicians to dancers to rather amusing magicians. And they sure keep you entertained with all the talent they possess. If nothing, hop on to a horse carriage and allow yourself to feel like a member of the royalty!