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Bijli Mahadev Temple

This is an interesting temple in the Kullu Valley and is surrounded by places such as the Buntur Valley. The reason behind the mysterious name is the fact that the shivalinga inside the temple breaks down with the effect of Lightening or bijli and is then again joined with a local adhesive on a special day. The charred pieces lying inside the temple are due to the fire that catches due to intensive lightening. Apart from the temple, the deodar forests and the rolling greenery are also mesmerizing views.
Tanuja Verma
Reached at 9 pm to my friends camp. Next day went for ‘Bijli Mahadev Trek’.
Saurabh Bhadwal
ayush raj
Day 3 started with the agenda of bilji mahadev trek but the route to it was tricky as we had no idea about how to reach the base of trek but again local guiding us how to reach bijli mahadev village to proceed for bijli mahadev basically have two option to reach bijli mahadev village i.e reach kullu and take a local bus to village which costs you 40 ruppees else you can take a cab from kullu which charges around 1000-1500 depending on your bargaining skills. we were on a short budget and took a bus to village which took approximately 1.5 hours to reach the things about bus drivers here is that they have immence confidence on themselves that you will witness once you visit Himachal Pradesh. We started our trek with our backpack on our back as we had to leave same night. Bijli mahadev is a test to your stamina as the climb is too steep. Reaching mid-way the bag look impossible to carry so we stopped at a tea stop next to us,the uncle in the tea stop was quite friendly and agreed to keep our bag in his shop making our trek easier it took almost 2.5 hours to reach the top but once you reach the top all the effort in climbing seems worth it. From the top you can see the kullu city from one end to parvati valley on the other.there is a lord shiva temple on the top which is closed in winters. one advise here is to carry biscuit with you to feed dogs. the dogs here are quite athletic and you will enjoy feeding them. We had no idea of time we were spending on top and eventually got late in reaching the bus as the last bus to kullu had already left and that moment i was afraid what to do as we had to catch the bus to delhi 3 hour afterwards and there was every chance that we will miss that but then our eyes got on a group of bullet(bike) when gave us a hope that these traveller might help us get down.few minutes after they came and happily dropped us to kullu. In all this mess we were able to witness beautiful evening in kullu. finally we were in kullu bus stand ready to leave with beautiful memories.
Kunal Chawla
place for rejuvenation and family picnic spot