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Hadimba Temple

📍 Hadimba Devi Temple, Himachal PradeshView map ›

🗓 Best Time To Visit:May to October

⏰ Open Hours:8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

🏞 Things To Do:Visit the temple, Attend local festivals, Explore the surrounding cedar forest

💰 Budget:No entry fees

🧳 Traveller Types:Family, Solo travellers, History and culture enthusiasts

🔖 Known For:Ancient architecture, Spiritual significance, Location amidst cedar forest

📍 Distances:50 km from Bhuntar Airport, 164 km from Joginder Nagar Railway Station, 2 km from Manali town centre

📜 Historical Significance:The temple dates back to 1553 and is dedicated to Hidimbi Devi, a character from the Indian epic Mahabharata

🎉 Festivals:The annual Hadimba Devi festival is a significant event attracting locals and tourists alike

🎒 Tips:Respect local customs, Avoid visiting during heavy snowfall, Be careful of monkeys in the area

♿ Accessibility:The temple is not fully wheelchair accessible due to uneven terrain and steps

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Hadimba Temple: A Unique and Ancient Shrine in Manali

How about a temple on a rock in a forest? A wooden pagoda with carved animals and scenes? A shrine for a goddess who married a hero and bore a warrior? Sounds cool, right? That’s Hadimba Temple or Hidimba Devi Temple in Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

Hadimba Temple is a charming place in Manali, a hill station in Kullu valley. It’s for Hidimba Devi, a Hindu goddess and Bhima’s wife from the Mahabharata epic. The temple is among the snowy peaks of Manali, in a cedar forest called Dhungiri Van Vihar. The temple is on a huge rock that is Hidimba Devi herself.

If you want to know more about Hadimba Temple or Hidimba Devi Temple in Manali, then read on. We will tell you everything about this awesome shrine in Manali. We will cover its importance, architecture, location, history, mythology, festivals, and activities. We will also give you tips for the best time to visit Hadimba Temple and enjoy its attractions. So, are you ready to explore this amazing temple with us? Let’s go!

Significance of Hadimba Temple

Hadimba Temple is not just another temple in India. It is a unique and important shrine that has a special significance for the people of Manali and Himachal Pradesh. Here are some reasons why Hadimba Temple is so significant:

It is dedicated to Hidimba Devi, a Hindu goddess and the wife of Bhima from the Mahabharata epic. She is considered as the patron deity of Manali and the Kullu region. She is also revered as the mother goddess who protects her devotees from evil forces.

It reflects the local connection with nature and the Himalayas. The temple is built on a rock that is believed to be in the image of Hidimba Devi herself. The temple is surrounded by a cedar forest that provides a serene and tranquil atmosphere. The temple also has a deodar-shaped top that symbolizes the local affinity with the deodar trees that are abundant in the region.

It is a place of immense faith and devotion for the locals and tourists alike. The temple attracts thousands of pilgrims and visitors every year who come to seek the blessings of Hidimba Devi. The temple is especially crowded during Navratri and Dussehra, when people worship Hidimba Devi instead of Goddess Durga. The temple is also a place of celebration and festivity, where various festivals and rituals are held throughout the year.

Some facts or statistics to support the significance of the temple are:

The temple is one of the oldest temples in Manali, dating back to 1553.

The temple is one of the few temples in India that follows a Pagoda style of architecture, which is common in Nepal and Tibet.

The temple is one of the few temples in India that has a female priestess who performs the rituals and ceremonies.

The temple is one of the few temples in India that has a metal bell that weighs more than 100 kg and produces a loud sound when rung.

Architecture of Hadimba Temple

Hadimba Temple is a marvel of architecture and design that stands out from other temples in India. It has a unique wooden structure and a four-tiered roof with intricate carvings. Here are some features of the temple’s architecture and design:

The temple is built on a huge rock that juts out of the ground and is worshipped as an image of Hidimba Devi herself. The rock is covered with a cloth and decorated with flowers and coins. The rock also has a footprint of Hidimba Devi that is considered sacred by the devotees.

The temple has a four-tiered wooden roof that resembles a Pagoda style of architecture, which is common in Nepal and Tibet. The roof has 24 wooden pillars that support it. The roof also has metal bells, brass cones, and horns that adorn it. The roof is made of deodar wood, which is resistant to insects and decay.

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The temple has intricate carvings on its wooden walls, doors, and windows. The carvings depict various animals, plants, dancers, musicians, and scenes from the Mahabharata epic. The carvings also show the influence of Buddhist art and culture. The carvings are done by local artisans who use traditional tools and techniques.

The temple has a small entrance that leads to a dark chamber where the idol of Hidimba Devi is placed. The idol is made of brass and has three eyes, four arms, and four horns. The idol is draped with a red cloth and adorned with jewellery. The idol is also surrounded by various offerings, such as fruits, flowers, coins, etc.

Some images or diagrams to illustrate the temple’s architecture are:

The timings of Hadimba Temple are:

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day

The temple is open throughout the year

The temple may be crowded during festivals or peak seasons

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Location of Hadimba Temple & How to Reach

Hadimba Temple is located in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. It is situated at an altitude of 2050 meters above sea level in the Kullu valley. It is about 2 km from the main market of Manali and about 50 km from the nearest airport at Bhuntar.

By air:

The nearest airport to Manali is at Bhuntar, which is about 50 km away. From there, one can take a taxi or a bus to Manali. From Manali, one can walk or take an auto-rickshaw to Hadimba Temple.

By rail:

The nearest railway station to Manali is at Joginder Nagar, which is about 165 km away. From there, one can take a taxi or a bus to Manali. From Manali, one can walk or take an auto-rickshaw to Hadimba Temple.

By road:

Manali is well-connected by road to other cities and towns in Himachal Pradesh and nearby states. One can take a state-run or private bus or a taxi to Manali from places like Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla, Dharamshala, etc. From Manali, one can walk or take an auto-rickshaw to Hadimba Temple.

Some of the nearby attractions or landmarks that can be visited along with Hadimba Temple are:

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary: A wildlife reserve that is home to various animals, birds, and plants. It is about 2 km from Hadimba Temple and offers nature trails, camping, and birdwatching opportunities.

Manu Temple: A temple dedicated to Manu, the first human and the progenitor of mankind according to Hindu mythology. It is about 3 km from Hadimba Temple and offers a panoramic view of the valley and the river Beas.

Vashisht Hot Springs: A natural hot spring that is believed to have medicinal properties. It is about 6 km from Hadimba Temple and offers a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Solang Valley: A valley that is famous for its adventure sports and activities, such as skiing, paragliding, zorbing, etc. It is about 14 km from Hadimba Temple and offers a thrilling and fun-filled experience.

Rohtang Pass: A high mountain pass that connects Manali to Lahaul and Spiti districts. It is about 51 km from Hadimba Temple and offers a spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains and glaciers.

Best Time To Visit Hadimba Temple

The best time to visit Hadimba Temple depends on your preference and purpose of visit. However, based on the weather, crowd, and festivals, here are some factors to consider:

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Manali has a pleasant weather throughout the year, but it can get very cold and snowy in winter. If you want to enjoy the snow and the scenic beauty of the valley, you can visit Hadimba Temple from December to February.

However, be prepared for road closures, landslides, and heavy snowfall. If you want to avoid the cold and enjoy the greenery and flowers of the forest, you can visit Hadimba Temple from March to June. However, be prepared for high temperatures, humidity, and rain. If you want to experience the monsoon and the misty atmosphere of the hills, you can visit Hadimba Temple from July to September. However, be prepared for landslides, floods, and leeches.


Manali is a popular tourist destination and attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year. However, some months are more crowded than others. If you want to avoid the crowd and enjoy some peace and solitude at Hadimba Temple, you can visit it from October to November or from February to March. These are the off-season months when the tourist inflow is low and the hotel rates are cheap.

However, some facilities and services may be closed or limited during these months. If you don’t mind the crowd and want to enjoy some lively atmosphere at Hadimba Temple, you can visit it from April to June or from September to January. These are the peak season months when the tourist inflow is high and the hotel rates are expensive. However, you can enjoy more facilities and services during these months.


Hadimba Temple is a place of celebration and festivity for the locals and tourists alike. There are various festivals and rituals that take place at Hadimba Temple throughout the year. However, some festivals are more prominent and popular than others.

If you want to witness some of the major festivals at Hadimba Temple, you can visit it in May or October. In May, there is an annual festival called Saroohni or Dhungari Mela that celebrates the birthday of Hidimba Devi. The temple is decorated with flowers and lights and a fair is held nearby. In October, there is another festival called Dussehra that celebrates the victory of good over evil. The idol of Hidimba Devi is taken to Dhalpur Maidan for blessings and there is a tradition of Ghor Puja.

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Hadimba Temple is a unique and ancient shrine in Manali that offers a lot of attractions and activities for travellers. It is a place where you can experience the culture, history, mythology, and nature of Himachal Pradesh. It is also a place where you can have fun, adventure, and relaxation.

Hadimba Temple is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves temples, forests, mountains, and stories.

It is a place that will leave you spellbound and enchanted. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Hadimba Temple today and discover its magic for yourself!

Hadimba Temple Reviews

Us taking a HRTC ordinary bus to Manali from Kashmiri Gate were in Kullu by the morning. Unfortunately(or fortunately) due to snowfall in Kullu in past few days the bridge was closed and the only way to reach Manali was to take a bus from other side of the bridge crossing the bridge on foot. We sat in a local bus going towards Manali which started after a half hour wait. But, when the bus was about to leave there comes a girl brown hair, grey eyes and mark covering her face. The first two things that came in my mind was yeah, love at first sight exists and this girl is out of my league. Well, I don't remember how, but we started talking and talked continuously for the whole 1 hour journey between Kullu to Manali. This was the first time in the whole journey I wanted the bus to move slow despite being late in our plan. Oh, I forget to mention about the spectacular views you see when travelling along the beas river that will never leave your side once you enter Himachal. The journey itself is a treat to watch. Well, now we were on the Manali bus stand and I was disappointed that it was time to say goodbye to Neelam but no, Neelam offered us to join her in city sightseeing and how could I disagree to her (also due to bus being late and change at kullu half our day was gone). So we visited Hidimba Devi temple, it is situated in old Manali in a pine forest and you need to do a small but beautiful walk to reach the temple and walking here gets really tricky due to snow all around your feet. Coming to Hidimba Devi temple it was a beautiful temple in the middle of a forest covered with snow all around which will definately give the peace which you won't get living in a suburb. By the time we left from Hidimba Devi temple it was already late so we decided to say goodbye to Neelam with beautiful memories and left for the oyo hotel we had booked. One thing about hills the day ends quite suddenly and you won't realise how quickly it gets dark. Late in the evening, we decided to make a visit to the famous mall road of Manali. Mall road has its own beauty at night and a paradise for shopaholic people but the only supplies that we needed from mall road was rum, a essential supply to deal with negative temperatue of Manali. Thatwasour super exciting day 1 in manali.
CENTER OF ATTRACTION OF MANALI! Hadimba temple is the most beautiful and mythological attractions of manali.It is Located in the cedar forests in the region . For being famous for its mythological history, temple is dedicated to Hidimbi Devi, the wife of one of the Pandavas, Bhima & mother of Ghatothkach. Hadimba looked after her country and then she retired to the inner hills, for meditation, when her son Ghatotkachh, a great warrior took over the country. This is the spot where Hidimbi Devi, has meditate (tapashya) and its also called Dhungri hills. . Temple is built around a cave which is covered by four tiered Pagoda roofs. There is beautiful carving on wooden doors and decorated horns of animals are eye catching. . This temple offers a quiet getaway to nature and peace lovers. It is a place where history and heritage meets nature’s beauty. . Best thing to be remembered about this place is, i visit it on my birthday and took blessing. A long scene in yeh jawani hai deewani movie was shot at the Hidimba Devi Temple. Where kabir tells to naina “Shaadi is dal chawal for pachaas saal till you die ... arre life mein thoda bahut keema pav, tangdi kabab, hakka noodle bhi hona chahiye nah?” There is a shopping area outside the temple, where u can get some traditional things. Interesting things, there you will see some vendors carrying huge cute rabbits, which you can take it and do photogrphy also.They will charge you Rs 20 for it. P.S - Although with these pics, all looks perfect...but travelling without you made my journey incomplete. I would like to travel the world with you twice. Once, to see the world. Twice to see the way you see the world. My goal is to run out of pages in our passports. I just want to hold your hand and wander the unknown streets with you. And everytime i see you, I got lost in you, and it was the kind of lost that's exactly like being found. And for me Love is being with you anywhere. #traveldiaries #travel #travelling #travellers #manali #manalidiaries #travelgram #traveller #travellersofindiaofficial #himachal #himachalpradesh #himachaldiaries #travelholic #travelphotography #travelgirl #travels #temple #hadimbatemple
The next day at Manali we explored the local area. We got up early in the morning and walked towards the Hidamba Temple. It was just a 10 mins walk away from our home stay. It looked like a Buddhist Monastry with wooden architecture and was located in the middle of the dense forest. The trees were as thick as 5 trees' stem combined. This temple was constructed in the memory of Hidamba Rakshashi who was the wife of Pandava Bhim and regarded as a Devi in the Hills. Almost everything in Manali was with name of Hidamba as she was considered to be savior of the place. The woods were serene and the walk through them was an experience in itself. Ghatotkach, the epitome of strength was the son of Hidamba and BHIM and there was a temple to revere him also just a few minutes away from the Hidamba Temple. We saw a barbed mesh next to the Hidamba Temple enclosed dense forest and realized that it was the Manali Nature Park. So we decided to visit that once we were done exploring the Hidamba Road. Further ahead there was another temple worshiping Shivji. We walked uphill along the road and reached Manu Temple which was the last point along the road. So this was our circuitous walk from Mary's to Hidamba Temple to Manu Temple and then back to Mary's via the Old Manali Road. It took us about an hour and half and we were so refreshingly tired that we stopped by for a good road side breakfast. We tried the local dish Sidhu, which tasted like idli stuffed with sweet dry fruits and the super delicious local cuisine of Trout fish. Trout Fish :
Our trip starts a night before in a Volvo bus at 11 PM midnight. It was a 12-13 hrs trip and quite happening. The bus had a morning tea stop before reaching the final station. This photo below shows my emotion when I stepped down from the bus to have my morning tea. We reached there by 10 AM in the morning. Took a cab from the bus station to our Hotel Manali grand, Aleo. There are many local cabs available at the bus station. Our Hotel was at equal distance from the city centre & Hadima Temple and that was the best feature of that location. With a mountain view from the balcony, it adds some really good memories to my trip. YouTube link : https://youtu.be/bFCKJH3NW-8 After taking rest for couple of hours, we moved to Hadimba Devi temple, one of the main attraction of Manali. The place itself is a reflection of heaven. Apart from taking the immense pleasure of beauty of that place you can also ride yawk, play with rabbits and can click photos graphs in traditional wears for your Instagram updates. After Hadimba Devi temple, we went down to city centre- The mall road. Nothing special about mall road just couple of streets with variety of shops. We had our lunch in one of the restaurants.
कैसे पहुँचें: मनाली से बस या टैक्सी के माध्यम से हिडिम्बा मंदिर से जुडी पौराणिक कथा: माना जाता है की यह पौराणिक मंदिर उस जगह पर बना है जहाँ राक्षसी हिडिम्बी ध्यान करती थी। राक्षशी सुन कर आप चौक मत जाईयेगा। प्राचीन काल से ही 'राक्षस' शब्द का प्रयोग उन लोगों के लिए भी किया जाता है जो सभ्यता से दूर जंगलों में दूरस्त जीवन व्यापन करते आये हैं। महाभारत की कथा को देखा जाए तो हिडिम्बी नाम की यह राक्षसी का विवाह पांच पांडवों में से एक भीम से होता है। इस विवाह से पूर्व भीम हिडिम्बी के भाई हिडिम्बा को एक युद्ध में पराजित भी करता है।
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