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📍 Kheerganga - Sunshine Himalayan Camp, Himachal PradeshView map ›

🗓 Best Time To Visit:May to November

⏰ Open Hours:24 hours

🎯 Things To Do:Trekking, Camping, Visit Parvati River, Hot Springs Bath

💰 Budget:N/A

🧳 Traveller Types:Adventure seekers, Nature lovers, Spiritual travellers

🔍 Known For:Natural Hot Springs, Trekking Trails, Scenic Beauty, Serenity

📍 Distances:22 km from Barshaini, 95 km from Bhuntar Airport, 150 km from Shimla Railway Station

🥾 Trek Difficulty:Moderate

⛺ Camping:Available, with basic amenities

🌡️ Weather:Pleasant in summers (15-22°C), Cold in winters (-1 to 10°C)

🛍️ Shopping:Local handicrafts, woolens at nearby Kasol Market

📸 Photography:Allowed, Scenic beauty is ideal for photography

🥘 Food:Local dhabas provide basic Indian food

💧 Water Sources:Natural springs, Carry your own water bottles for trek

👣 Footwear:Wear comfortable trekking shoes

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Kheerganga Trek: A Complete Guide To The Ultimate Himalayan Adventure

Kheerganga is a small hamlet in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, famous for its natural hot water spring and panoramic view of the Himalayas. It is one of the most popular and rewarding treks in the region, offering a thrilling and rejuvenating experience in the lap of nature.

In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide to the Kheerganga trek, covering everything you need to know before you embark on this amazing adventure.

Best Time to Visit Kheerganga Trek

The best time to visit Kheerganga trek depends on your preference and comfort. Here are the pros and cons of visiting Kheerganga in different seasons:

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Summer (March to June): The weather is pleasant and comfortable, with clear sky and colorful flowers. The trek is crowded and noisy, with high demand and prices for accommodation and transport. You may face some landslides or roadblocks due to melting snow or heavy rain.

Monsoon (July to September): The weather is unpredictable and risky, with low visibility and slippery trail. The trek is quiet and peaceful, with low demand and prices for accommodation and transport. You may face some landslides, flash floods, or roadblocks due to heavy rainfall.

Winter (October to February): The weather is cold and harsh, with heavy snowfall and frozen pipes. The trek is challenging and adventurous, with a magical winter wonderland. You may face some landslides, snowstorms, or roadblocks due to extreme weather.

How to Reach Kheerganga Trek

To reach Kheerganga, you have to first reach Kasol, which is well connected by road from various cities and states of India. You can take a flight, train, or bus to reach Kasol, which will cost you around Rs. 1000-3000 per person depending on the mode of transportation and the distance.

From Kasol, you have to take a cab or a bus to Barshaini, which is the nearest road head to Kheerganga. It is about 17 km from Kasol and will cost you around Rs. 50-100 per person.

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From Barshaini, you have to trek for about 9-10 km by any of the three routes: via Nakthan Village, via Kalga Village, or via Tosh Village. Here are the details of each route:

Via Nakthan Village: This is the most popular and easiest route to reach Kheerganga from Barshaini. It is on the left side of the Parvati River and follows a well-marked trail through forests and meadows. It takes about 3-4 hours on average and covers a distance of about 9 km.

Via Kalga Village: This is an alternative and less crowded route to reach Kheerganga from Barshaini. It goes uphill from the bridge after Barshaini and reaches Kalga Village. It then passes through dense forests and joins the main route near Rudra Nag. It takes about 4-5 hours on average and covers a distance of about 10 km.

Via Tosh Village: This is another alternative and scenic route to reach Kheerganga from Barshaini. It takes a cab or a bus from Barshaini to Tosh Village, which is about 3 km away. It then follows the Tosh Nallah or Tosh River and joins the main route near Nakthan Village. It takes about 5-6 hours on average and covers a distance of about 12 km.

What to Expect from Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga trek is a rewarding and memorable experience that will leave you spellbound by its beauty and charm. Here are some of the things that you can expect from Kheerganga trek:

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Kheerganga - (c) Camp Ganga Vatika

The beauty and attraction of Kheerganga trek:

Kheerganga trek offers a spectacular view of the Parvati Valley and the Himalayan peaks. The trek is surrounded by lush green meadows, cascading waterfalls, and dense forests. The trek also offers a glimpse of the local culture and lifestyle of the villagers who live in this remote area.

The difficulty and challenges of Kheerganga trek:

Kheerganga trek is a moderate difficulty level trek that can be done by anyone with basic fitness and stamina. The trek involves walking for about 9-10 km on an average, with some steep ascents and descents. The altitude of Kheerganga is about 2960 meters, which may cause some breathing problems or altitude sickness for some people. The weather of Kheerganga can also change quickly and unexpectedly, so you have to be prepared for rain, snow, or cold.

The activities and experiences that can be enjoyed in Kheerganga:

Kheerganga trek is not just about walking and sightseeing, but also about enjoying some unique and exciting activities and experiences that will make your trip more fun and memorable. Some of the activities and experiences that you can enjoy in Kheerganga are:

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(c) Lazy Monk Adventure

Trekking: Trekking is the main activity that you will do in Kheerganga. You will walk through some of the most scenic and diverse landscapes in the region, with different routes to choose from. You will also challenge yourself physically and mentally as you overcome the obstacles and difficulties on the way.

Camping: Camping is another activity that you can do in Kheerganga. You can stay in tents or guest houses that are available in Kheerganga or nearby places such as Nakthan or Rudra Nag. You can enjoy a warm and cozy stay in these places, with bonfires and hot beverages. You can also gaze at the stars at night and listen to the sounds of nature.

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Bathing in the hot water spring: Bathing in the hot water spring is one of the most relaxing and soothing experiences that you can have in Kheerganga. The hot water spring is located at the top of Kheerganga, near a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The water is believed to have medicinal properties and is sacred to Hindus and Sikhs. You can take a dip in the hot water spring and feel your stress and fatigue melt away.

Visiting nearby temples: Visiting nearby temples is another experience that you can have in Kheerganga. There are two temples near Kheerganga: one is dedicated to Lord Shiva and another is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. These temples are ancient and have a lot of mythological and historical significance. You can visit these temples and offer your prayers or seek blessings from the deities.

Hiking: Hiking is another activity that you can do in Kheerganga. You can hike up to some nearby places such as Pin Parvati Pass, Mantalai Lake, or Bunbuni Pass, which offer more stunning views and adventure. These places are higher and more difficult to reach than Kheerganga, so you have to be more experienced and prepared for these hikes.

Exploring the nature: Exploring the nature is another activity that you can do in Kheerganga. You can enjoy the beauty and diversity of the flora and fauna in Kheerganga. You can also spot some wildlife such as birds, monkeys, and goats on the way. You can also collect some souvenirs such as pine cones, flowers, or stones from the trail.

Yoga and Meditation: Yoga and Meditation are another activity that you can do in Kheerganga. Kheerganga is a perfect place to practice yoga and meditation, as it offers a calm and serene environment. You can also join some yoga and meditation camps or workshops that are organized in Kheerganga or nearby places. You can learn some yoga poses and meditation techniques from the experts and improve your physical and mental health.

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How to Plan Your Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga trek is a wonderful and affordable trip that can be done by anyone with a little planning and preparation. Here are some of the things that you need to know before you plan your Kheerganga trek:

The cost and budget of Kheerganga trek:

Kheerganga trek is a budget-friendly trek that can be done in less than Rs. 5000 per person. The major expenses involved in the trek are transportation, accommodation, food, permits, guides, etc. Here is a rough estimate of the cost and budget of Kheerganga trek:


The transportation cost depends on how you reach Kasol and Barshaini from your city or state. You can take a flight, train, or bus to reach Kasol, which will cost you around Rs. 1000-3000 per person depending on the mode of transportation and the distance. You can then take a cab or a bus from Kasol to Barshaini, which will cost you around Rs. 50-100 per person.


The accommodation cost depends on where you stay in Kheerganga or nearby places such as Nakthan or Rudra Nag. You can stay in tents or guest houses that are available in these places, which will cost you around Rs. 300-500 per person per night. You can also carry your own tent and sleeping bag if you want to save some money or have more privacy.


The food cost depends on what you eat and where you eat in Kheerganga or nearby places such as Nakthan or Rudra Nag. You can eat at some cafes or dhabas that are available on the trail, which will cost you around Rs. 100-200 per person per meal. You can also carry your own food and snacks if you want to save some money or have more variety.


The permits cost depends on whether you need any permits or not for the trek. You may need to pay some entry fees or taxes at some checkpoints or places such as Barshaini, Nakthan, Rudra Nag, etc., which will cost you around Rs. 50-100 per person.


The guides cost depends on whether you hire any guides or not for the trek. You may not need any guides for the trek if you are confident and experienced enough to follow the trail by yourself. However, if you are new or unsure about the trail, you may hire some guides who will help you with navigation, safety, information, etc., which will cost you around Rs. 500-1000 per person.

The staying and food options available in Kheerganga:

Kheerganga offers some basic and limited staying and food options for the trekkers. Here are some of the staying and food options available in Kheerganga:

Staying options: There are two main staying options available in Kheerganga: tents and guest houses. Tents are more common and cheaper than guest houses, as they are set up by locals or trekkers on a flat meadow near the hot water spring. Tents can accommodate 2-3 people and provide basic amenities such as mattresses, blankets, pillows, etc.

Tents charge around Rs. 300-500 per person per night. Guest houses are less common and more expensive than tents, as they are located a little away from the hot water spring. Guest houses can accommodate 2-4 people and provide basic amenities and costs around Rs. 500-700 per person per night.

Food options: There are few food options available in Kheerganga: cafes and dhabas. Cafes are small eateries that serve snacks, beverages, noodles, maggi, etc. Cafes charge around Rs. 50-100 per person per meal. Dhabas are larger eateries that serve meals, thalis, parathas, rice, dal, etc. Dhabas charge around Rs. 100-200 per person per meal. You can also carry your own food and snacks if you want to save some money or have more variety.

The history and legend of Kheerganga: Kheerganga has a lot of mythological and historical significance, as it is associated with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. According to a legend, Lord Shiva meditated here for thousands of years, and Goddess Parvati created the hot water spring to provide him comfort.

Another legend says that Lord Shiva spilled some kheer (rice pudding) from his bowl while meditating here, and that’s how the place got its name. According to history, Kheerganga was also visited by some famous saints and sages such as Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Swami Vivekananda, etc.

Some useful tips and advice for Kheerganga trek

Kheerganga trek is a wonderful and enjoyable trip, but it also requires some planning and preparation. Here are some useful tips and advice for Kheerganga trek that will help you make the most of your trip:

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Pack light and smart: Pack only the essential items that you will need for the trek, such as clothing, footwear, toiletries, medicines, etc. Avoid carrying any unnecessary or heavy items that will add to your weight and burden. Use a backpack or a rucksack that is comfortable and sturdy.

Be respectful and responsible: Be respectful and responsible towards the nature, culture, and people of Kheerganga. Do not litter or pollute the environment, do not harm or disturb the wildlife, do not pluck or damage the plants or flowers, do not play loud music or create noise, do not indulge in any illegal or immoral activities, etc. Follow the rules and regulations of the place and respect the customs and beliefs of the locals.

Be safe and cautious: Be safe and cautious while trekking to Kheerganga. Do not wander off or lose sight of the trail, do not trek alone or at night, do not cross any river or waterfall without guidance, do not consume any alcohol or drugs before or during the trek, do not take any risks or shortcuts, etc. Inform someone about your whereabouts and contact details before you leave for the trek.

Enjoy and have fun: Enjoy and have fun while trekking to Kheerganga. Appreciate the beauty and diversity of the nature, interact with the locals and fellow trekkers, indulge in some activities and experiences, capture some memories and moments, relax and rejuvenate in the hot water spring, etc. Make your trip a memorable and unforgettable one.

Kheerganga trek is a complete guide to the ultimate Himalayan adventure that will take you to a paradise of nature and spirituality. It is a perfect trip for anyone who loves trekking, camping, bathing in hot water spring, visiting temples, hiking, exploring nature, yoga and meditation, etc. It is also a budget-friendly and affordable trip that can be done in less than Rs. 5000 per person.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Kheerganga today and experience the magic of this amazing place!

Kheerganga Reviews

The next morning we started the trek around 7 in the morning. We carried our bags which had a day clothes and food as we had planned to stay in the tents at the top . It is 12 km trek from kalga one side so we decided to spend the night in the tents . We kept our trekking bags at kalga homestay and just took the essentials for the trek. The room we had was small room with a balcony view . We started our trek after having an apple and glass of milk. Dont consume much as you need to walk 12 km so eat less in the morning .. The trek is full of ups and downs so carry the best sports shoes . As it had rained the previous night so it was bit slippery too. The views are breathtaking all along the trek . We had carried dslr and go pro with us so we took some amazing clicks and videos. As i and my friend make travel vlogs for youtube so we required cameras and power banks with us . The bag which we were carrying was full of fruits and batteries and chargers , in short all the electronics .. We took a halt of 10-15 minutes after almost walking for 5 kms . There are some cafes in the middle of the trek so if you dont carry any food with you , dont worry the cafes have maggi tea which is an essential in the mountains. After the break we started again and went through some really hardcore trek all over. It was already 10 by the clock so we had the sandwhiches which were made by the owner of the home stay. How nice of her to make them early in the morning. They were really tasty and we had some clicks even with the sandwhiches tagging them as sandehich with a view as Insta story. We started again to make sure we reach the top with no more halts . And yes we made it to top within 4 hours from the base point . We completed the 12 kms trek in less than 5 hours. It was the best feeling to reach the top and enjoy the most beautiful view of the himalayas. Firstly we took some really crazy shots of the mountains as the background. There is a hot spring water pool at the top which is a must when you are at the kheerganga . It is said the water never gets cold even in the winters when its snowing . So after the photo session we decided to have a dip in the water for 10-15 minutes . But who knew that 10-15 minutes would be converted to 1 hour of just sitting in the hot water and enjoying the mesmerising view the mountains have to offer. It is totally free of cost to sit and relax your body after a tiring trek of 12 kms. So feel free to sit for n number of hours. There is a Shiva Temple just next to the pool so next on our list was to go to the temple also. We just came out after 2 hours of swim and relaxing our body in the pool.. We changed into new attire and went to the temple . After the temple blessing were done we now planned to check out the tents which were best to stay for the night . We had no booking before hand so we had to book that very day just incase the tents get full of people. So after much of bargaining we finally took a tent which costed us 300 for two person . This excluded the food we had in the night so just the tent cost is 300. We kept our bags in the tent and decided to take a nap for an hour to relax our body. It was already 4 in the evening and abit hot so taking a nap was a good decsion. There were many groups which had came from Delhi and Punjab so we made a lot of friends. In the evening around 6-7 we took a walk all around the place and had chit chat session with our new friends. We sang songs and played badminton which was fun .. We had a great photo session of an hour with all the travellers coming in one frame. By then it was already 9 pm we had our dinner of rice and dal which was provided by the tent people with extra cost as it was not included in the tent cost. Overall the food was ok but then we were being served at such a height which compensated the taste and price. We took around 10-15 timelapse videos of the mountains from different angles. We were glad that there was bonfire as well but next to someone else tent so we sat there for around an hour and shared our travel stories with each other. I got to know there was a guy from the same school in which i was there in Chandigarh . He was junior to me during my schooling days. What a small world i was thinking. We bid goodbye and good night to our fellow travellers to catch up early morning at sunrise . We came back to our tents and crashed away asap. The next morning we took the sunrise timelapse and it was amazing to witness the sunrise at such a height. We had our breakfast and waved a goodbye to all our friends. We started our trek downwards to kalga and reached at our home around 2 in the afternoon. So overall my experience of going and coming back home was just amazing and i will be going there again very soon . cost of tent 250-300 for two person Off season 400 for single person season How to Reach kheerganga Take a bus from Chandigarh to Bhuntar. From there to barshaini which is the last point for cars . From there trek to Kalga which is the base point for the Kheerganga trek . Chandigarh - Bhuntar - Kasol - Manikaran - Barshaini - Kalga - Kheerganga.. So plan your kheerganga trek soon as it is one of the best place to have bath at hot spring with snow filled mountains as the background.
Tosh->Kheerganga We checked out early at 9am and left for Barshaini village. You can easily get cabs from Tosh to Barshaini. You can also opt to walk up to Barshaini village. It is inconvenient to carry extra luggage on a trek so we kept our luggage at a restaurant where we had breakfast. We also rented hiking sticks which turned out to be good decision. We started trekking at 11.30 AM. No guide, not sure about the weather and even not sure whether we are going to reach Kheerganga or not. Still we started our journey. Kheerganga is 14kms from Barshaini. Trek started with the beautiful view of frozen dam. We chose the route passing through Nakthan village. There were so many beautiful views on the way. First half of the trek is quiet easy. Still we took several breaks. After two hours we reached Rudranag waterfall which is halfway of the trek. We rested for sometime, freshen up with the chilled water from the waterfall. We had to cover the second half of the trek which is the toughest one. There is a bridge to cross the river after Rudranag, we got to know that we need to reach that point before 3pm so that they will allow us to go further as it is dangerous to trek in winter when it's dark. Hopefully we reached the point by 2.30pm and then started trekking continuously. I had never trekked this much that too in chilling cold weather, this was new experience for us. Enthusiasm to reach the top of Kheerganga and thoughts of having bath in natural hot springs kept us going. The most adventurous part of the trek was the ice on the path. The path was slippery and we had to watch each and every step carefully. There was a patch with Frozen waterfall, that seemed impossible to cross. We even thought of returning but we were ready for the adventure and thank God we found a wooden block lying along the that frozen path. We somehow managed to cross that patch. Any mistake would have cost us our lives. We witnessed such numerous patches and finally reached at the top by evening. We could see snow everywhere. There were only 5 people in that place that day. We found a stay (Dharamshala run by ram mandir in manikarn). It costs Rs.200 per head with food. We got enough place for 3. Room was having enough warm clothes and fireplace with woods. Due to bad weather in winter they fill up the stock of foodgrains in late September. From October to February there is no possibility of transporting the material. First thing we did is bath in the natural hot springs. It felt like private pool as there was hardly anyone else. The whole area surrounding the pool was covered with snow and pool was having hot water. It was like a natural miracle. Whole tiredness was gone by the magic of that hot water pool. We returned to our room, had the tastiest food, haddrinksand joint sessions. Fire was keeping us warm in the freezing temperature of -5 d celcius. This is the life I wanted... We met a guy who once came to kheerganga and it's been 1 year now that he settled in Kheerganga only. We got to know alot of intersting facts from that guy. It was really a strange experience.
Day 3 → Woke up around 9AM, had a light breakfast and we checked out from Kalga to start the Trek to KheerGanga. The trek distance is approx 15 Kms (Difficult, Gruelling, Risky 15Kms) and takes around 5 hours. We were told by the locals that there is no Electricity, no Signals, no Medic Shops in KheerGanga.So, the advisable thing is to put your Mobile phones on Flight Mode to use them as Torch during the Night (ofcourse, you can shut them down if you are not going to click pictures).One Very Interesting thing we were told about was that if you give some eatables to the Dogs there, they will show you the way to KheerGanga through the woods. We thought of putting it to test and gave Biscuits to one of the Dogs near Kalga. Surprisingly, he just started walking in the direction we were initially going, stopped when we took rest & started again as soon as we used to lift our Trekking Bags - Unusual but True. The Trek has rightfully been included in the Most Difficult Treks in India as it took loads out of us to reach the place, after 5.30 hours around 4PM. The First Sight of the Board – “ Welcome to KheerGanga” was a candy to the eye. The place is truly a heaven on Earth. Mesmerizing view of the mountains, the environment of the place, the Cold (temperatures drop below 0 degree in the evening). We booked our room at Dharamshala Guest House at an astonishing price of Rs. 100 per person which included the Dinner as well (though there are many Café’s in KheerGanga where you can relax, enjoy good food, dance, sing and thoroughly enjoy yourself). We immediately went for a Bath in the Hot Springs to relax ourselves from the Gruesome Trek. Later, had our Dinner at our nearby Café named Lotus Café. At Night, it becomes extremely cold in KheerGanga. We 5 were given 21 blankets for the night (This Can give you an idea of the atmosphere there during night). The night was uncomfortable because of the Cold and our awful cramps, but we somehow slept. (I need to give special credit to our Director – as except the Locals, we were not able to see a single tourist even near to his age. We can only applaud his accomplishment)
The trek to Kheer Ganga is around 12 kilometeres from the base Barshaini. From the base, one way goes to Tosh and other to Kheer Ganga and Mantalai lake (the origin of Parvati river). There is a sweet shop (the only one), try Rasgullas of there, we just loved them. Also, a tip for the pros, just check out the trek of Mantalai lake, which is 82 kilometer from Barshaini each way, and that is definitely gonna be the next trek I would go on. Imagine trekking for 6 days straight, mostly alongside the river, or in the core jungle, sleeping in the tents, eating the minimal food available. This is my kind of trek I can say. Anyways back to the trek we actually went on. (:D) First 6 kilometers were easy. We had fun on the way, stopping wherever we wished to, clicking pictures and just laughing the hours away. After 6 kilometers, there were some cafes where we had our lunch. Try the daal and butter roti there, they serve it deliciously good. It was cold, but the day was sunny which I actually slept sunbathing in.
Next day we were out for our next trek ‘The Kheerganga Trek’ our new friends also accompanied us during the whole trek. We were filled with so much of zest that we reached Kheerganga in about 6 hrs. During which we captured a lot of scenic views. The views which cannot be described just by my words or pictures. One must take such an experience at least once in a life. We took a camp in Kheerganga for our night stay where all eyes around us were red. The night was starry with a pleasant view of snow covered mountains. We were shivering to see that beauty. Starry night, with snowcapped mountains looks so magnificent. Next day, we headed back towards our hotel at Kalga. During our return we lost our way in the woods. Then, suddenly out of nowhere a mountain dog appeared and guided us our way back to the track. Since then we termed the mountain dogs as ‘Superdogs’. On Earth there can be no creature more loyal to a human being than those Superdogs. We covered our return journey in about 3.5 hrs.
Photos of Kheerganga
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