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Tirthan Valley

Aakanksha Magan
Tirthan Valley is Himachal's paradise. Gateway to the Great Himalayan National Park, Tirthan Valley is a vast area of exceptional scenery, unspoiled villages, great walks and a pristine lake. Touted as Himachal's best-kept secret, Tirthan Valley hides many wonders that makes it the most fantastic place for exploration. Honestly, this is where you can do various things like trekking, fishing, village-explorations and even wildlife safaris. And this is also the place where you can just chill, do nothing, and have the most relaxing time of your life.
Disha Kapkoti
In September 2017, I finally found time to visit a friend's cafe in Bir. These glowing meadows of the Kangra district grow on you with every passing sunset you spend at the landing site where hundreds of parachutes glide down at sunset and joyful kids run in frenzy, as if to catch those beautiful things descending from the sky. You're, honestly, never prepared to leave these glistening hilltops of Kangra. I had to because two amazing hosts in Bandal had been kind enough to host me at their boutique homestay for two days. Little did I know, that a new destination ahead, Sarchi in Tirthan, would simply blow my mind.
Himani Khatreja
What to do around the guesthouseThere is a lot to do in Gurshaini and nearby. Find a list of them below:Hikes and treks
Snigdha Gupta
When we reached Trishla Resort (at 1:30pm), my eyes couldn't believe, my mind couldn't settle. My eyes were stuffed with wonderment and that very moment I came to knew that I've come to my happy place. Trishla Resort is not just an ordinary resort. It is built exactly near the Beas river. So close that a part of the river is also a part of the resort. Aman (I'll further address him as Aman Bhayyia), is the owner of the resort. The resort has very limited rooms - 12 to be precise, but I believe that there is nothing like it in Tirthan Valley. Red painted huts, noisy brooke, lush greenery had painted the most beautiful picture. We were quite tired, so we rested for an hour. Since we selected the most isolated room, we were gifted with an amazing portico having a river-side view. Four of us were staying together (to quadruple the fun).Next, we had lunch and do believe me when I say this, Aman Bhayyia has to the best cooks! Simple lunch - dal, roti, rice, sabzi, raita and a nice plate of salad. We got ready and then headed for the first trek of this journey at around 4:30pm.
Tanishka Goel
Bird-watching at Tirthan Valley
Ankit Sood
A) If you are driving yourself, take the route for Mandi-Aut-Manali. There is Aut tunnel. You should NOT enter the tunnel, before the tunnel take right turn. After crossing the hydro project you will reach Larjee. From Larjee you should take left towards Banjar (the other route will take you to Sainj valley). Before Banjar,  the road bends towards left for Tirthan after the Khundan Bridge . I am sure you will pre book your hotels at Sairopa or Gushaini etc. since accommodations are limited. However if you are going off season, then you may go there as well and get a good bargain for your stay. There are few good resorts and many homestays. Check out www.tirthanvalley.com for more details B) If you are traveling by Volvo - book the Delhi-manali volvo and get down before the Aut tunnel. if you are traveling with your old parents, pls call the homestay people and ask them to send for a taxi for you there. They will charge 1000 for the ride. Local bus is also available for Banjar and then from Banjar to Bathahad, but the bus from Aut to Banjar is too crowded.Tirthan valley is a place if you enjoy silence, greenery and nature. The place helps you to rejuvenate your soul. The place is also good for some adventure sports - however, that may not be your target if  you are travelling with your parents or senior citzens. You may do reading, writing, painting, yoga, meditation, fishing, walking, and last but not the least simply relax on a river side bolder and listen to nature.... and do nothing. If that's what you and your parents love, then Tirthan is a great choice.
Sonalika Debnath
An 8-day trek crossing the two valleys of Sainj and Tirthan. You will come across the peaks of Neuli and Shakti and the Dhel meadow. This trek includes a day hike to Jogni, and then to the Guntarao Meadow. From Dhel, head to Shilt and then to Gushaini.
Wow! Simply Wow!! The moment I read about Tirthan Valley I knew this is going to be my next destination. I was tired and bored from work, so I just packed my bags & headed straight to Tirthan.What makes this place really different is that it is still untouched. When you are thinking of travelling 500 kms from Delhi then this is the place instead of Kasol, Mcleodganj or Manali.This destination can be reasonably explored in less than Rs 15,000 for 2 people for 3 days 2 Nights; otherwise even 1 week would not be enough.
Day 1 Sick and tired from routine job? Just sit back and gaze at the mountains, listen to birds chirping, to the gushing sound of flowing river, read a book, drink wine and eat pakodas (Trout Fish a must try)
megha goyal
Tirthan Valley is located right at the edge of The Great Himalayan National Park (Himachal Pradesh), and provide numerous trekking options into the park and not much commercialization. It’s perfect for people seeking for tranquil however it could be a good option for adventure lovers as well. Lush green valley some awesome views of snow covered mountains. Tirthan Valley is known as famous for river crossing, Trout Fishing and Trekking. Jaroli Pass and Serloskar Lake are the few trekking options.Not much food and accommodation options available here, mostly homestays are available and few hotel/resort options. There are almost no restaurants, to you have to eat at the place you are staying.550 Kms from Delhi, takes around 13-14 hours to cover the Distance. The HPTDC Bus journey to Aut is an overnight journey from Delhi and from it can be reached via taxi in one hour.Recommended Duration: 4 Days
Abhishek Advani
Day 4 - 13th March - Holi - MondayThe morning started with some colors
Abhishek Advani
Day 2 - 11th March - SaturdayThe plan was to get off at a small town called Aut, a few kms before the tunnel that takes you to Manali and then take a tempo traveler towards Tirthan Valley.We reached Aut at around 11 am and met Ryan, who as always was excited about seeing us and had a few beers handy. Tirthan valley, was another 2-3 hours from Aut. We finally met all the other travelers who would be staying with us; two couples and a few solo travelers. We introduced ourselves and had some interesting conversations around our passions and professions.Tirthan Valley is relatively unexplored and hopefully should stay the same. The valley has the beautiful Tirthan river flowing alongside. The Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site is a short hike away.Tirthan has decent camps to stay and quite a few home stays. We stayed at one of the camps. The people here are extremely courteous and hospitable. The camps have comfortable beds and hygienic washrooms. The food here is nutritious and homely. If you are looking for 5 star hotels and beds with white linen, I would suggest you avoid reading further.We had a relaxed evening exploring areas around the camp and the river below. One of us fell into the river and was almost swept away by the current. We managed to pull him back to safety. The day was turning out to be a bit too adventurous. A bit taken aback by the incident we decided to get back to the camps and spend the day trying to be less adventurous.Safety tip: Don't cross the river when the current is strong and if possible have a local person guide you through the river and the nearby areas. If lucky you get our guide.
Gunjan Upreti
"If you are looking for solitude out in the wilderness, this is where you need to be. The water can be bone chilling. This is a perfect spot for relaxation in the wild. The non-concrete paths and the forests around the valley makes it one of the most scenic wonders of India" – Riya PoojaryRead - A Secluded Heaven: Tirthan Valley, Himachal by Riya Poojary
Sakshi Bhalla
Tirthan Valley, HimachalTirthan Valley is situated on the banks of River Tirthan, and if you are looking for the magical blend of adventure and seclusion, here’s where you need to be this summer. You can camp, trek, fish trout, bird watch and more. And once you are exhausted, you can go sit by the riverside and watch the sun set. Inviting, isn’t it?
Nidhi Sharma
Himani Chandorkar
Must admit that the tall beauty looked much more beautiful in March, as in July it had lesser water, but perhaps that’s the reason we could dare to step under it................an experience nothing less than extraordinary as we screamed and laughed our hearts out at the same time as the water hit us like 1000 whips all at once.
Himani Chandorkar
Day 03March 2016Went for an early morning short trek to a breathtaking waterfall....its a steep climb...begins with 187 steep rocky steps (Counted them when I revisited in July :-) ), followed by a moderate climb. Takes around 30 minutes to reach.Walked through lush green fields through narrow winding paths with a couple of “Out of a story book” kind of little cottages on the way to finally reach the waterfall..........a tall beauty tucked away in the mountains like a secret. One could spend hours here doing nothing....enjoying the light spray of water droplets along with the cool breeze. Didn’t spend enough time there, and I guess that’s when somewhere my heart decided....”I have to come back here.”.....and so I did :-)!!
Himani Chandorkar
Arriving @ Tirthan ValleyTakes around an hour and a half to reach Tirthan from Kullu, but a lovely drive.The first time I visited had reached pretty late in the evening after dark and thus couldn’t experience the beauty of the valley.This time around in July we did make it earlier at around 5 in the evening ( Would have liked to reach even earlier around lunch time and visit the beautiful waterfall in the valley on day 1 itself.)Where we stayed...March 2016
Arundhati Sridhar
White-water rafting in India has nearly become synonymous with the town of Rishikesh, located at the foothills of the Himalayas and considered a convenient base for longer forays into the mountains. Nearly every turn of the Ganges for several kilometers up the river from Rishikesh is dotted with tents of aspiring rafters and groups to lead them. However, the town itself has been sapped of its interest value by an over-crowding of hotels and tour companies, all yelling at you about offering the best prices. As far as entries go, it is not the most appetizing way to start your Himalayan meal.Tucked into the Great Himalayan National Park, located in the district of Kullu, is the Tirthan Valley, a worthy alternative destination for river rafting enthusiasts but a fantastic travel destination even otherwise. The Tirthan river that gives the valley its name runs along a pristine landscape and offers some thrilling rapids. If you have had a fill of navigating frothy, rocky waters, you are in luck — the Great Himalayan National Park happens to be one of the most picturesque trekking destinations in all of the country. Take your pick. Or, like us, sit back next to your tent and marvel at the overwhelming beauty that surrounds you.
Sanjay Raturi
Ankit Sood
The First Ecotourism Camp of Himachal Pradesh is managed fully by trained and professional people belonging to the Ecozone of the GHNP. The camp has hosted a conference for over 110 delegates belonging to WMPA. It has full electricity backup serving food which is organically grown in the villages nearby. It is employing about 20 young men and women from the eco-zone after due training, giving indirect employment to about 200 people through various activities around the park. Serving as a base for soft adventure activities around the park like one day treks, multi-day treks, nature awareness camps, rock climbing, fishing, medicinal herbal treks etc. Other activities may include Woofing, (Working at Other peoples Farms), Organic gardening treks, volunteer guests etc. It’s having a handicraft center which will have small units for various NTFP’s and local handicrafts. It is also having a street theater team that entertains the guests around the campfire making them aware of the biodiversity and problems around. Even the campfire wood is from a dedicated plantation minimizing the impact on environment.
Karan Jaiswal
Heaven for Trout fish lover; u can actually try trout fishing; and we got the package with unlimited food including Trout fish ; in Kasol which u get 400 - 600 Rs per fish,
Ankit Sood
Tirthan Valley is paradise unexplored welcoming the traveler who loves to enjoy local food, stay in homestays , immerse in the beauty of nature and enjoy the culture. All in all its the best destination for a laid back holiday !
Riya Poojary
If you are looking for solitude out in the wilderness, this is where you need to be. The water can be bone chilling. This is a perfect spot for relaxation in the wild. The non-concrete paths and the forests around the valley makes it one of the most scenic wonders of India. The valley is known for trout fishing. Spend some time here and you might just get lucky with a brown or rainbow trout. A trek around this place and you may be greeted by some waterfall. This is truly a paradise.