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Kungri Gompa

Prakriti Varshney
We hardly would have crossed 20 kms and we reached Kungri Monastery. Its exterior wasn't well built and that teaches us we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. The moment we entered in that monastery, I was transfixed. It was an amazing combination of tradition and modernization. Near the entrance, there was a gong and as you enter, you see large cupboards on walls filled with idol. Each cupboard covering 1/3rd of the wall and was filled with same kind of idols. It all appeared so symmetric; a satisfactory delight to eyes.We sat on one of the mattresses laid out, to observe the silence. Slowly monks started entering the Gompa, one by one sitting on the mattresses laid out in centre. When about 20 of them were assembled, they started praying. That prayer had power! All the monks were reciting prayers in perfect synchronization. It had a buzz that will touch your heart. It was so soulful. Quintessential!We, after 1 hr of seraphic devotion, got on our way, realizing that we are too small in this big world. And much smaller in front of nature.
Riddhi Anand
Day 6: We left early for Pin Valley to visit Kungri Monastery and the breathtaking little village of Mudh. We trekked up to a visible glacier and then headed back to our base in Kaza which was a rather long journey.