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Dreamland Beach

Aditi Jana
Dreamland Beach
Nik Rielo
Dreamland is located in Pecatu Tourist Complex. What is unique with Dreamland beach among all other beaches in Bali are the cliffs around the area. Apart from its fine white sand, Dreamland beach is also a famous surfing site.
The picture above shows the Dreamland beach. Something different about this beach is that, their beach chairs and umbrella are 'chargeable'. We are not too sdure if it's an official thing or it just happen there are quite a number of locals who will keep a lookout and whenever you want to sit on it, you got to pay for it. it's around Rp10,000 per person per chair. If you like to have some 30 minutes foot massage, it's another Rp 50,000 but not to expect anything good from it, after all they are not the professionals. Just lie back and relax under the summer sun and enjoy the view of people surfing and sun tanning or get yourself right into the action!1. Nasi Campur
This beach is very cozy and quiet as it is located on behind the cliff. This atmosphere is suitable for tourists that want a relaxing and do sunbathe. Behind its serenity, this beach has big waves, so it attracts a lot of international tourists’ attention.The attractiveness of this beach is its clean and bluish sea water that makes you want to stay longer. You can play with sand, strolling around the coast or just sitting back.