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Pandawa Beach

Samantha Mascarenhas
The road leading to Pantai Pandawa has a toll gate where you need to pay an entry fee. Once you cross this gate your drive to Pandawa beach is through towering limestone cliffs that reveal panoramic a view of the Indian Ocean and winding roads lead down to the beach. The cliff wall facing the ocean has hallow caves/deep arches which house members of the five Pandawas carved in white stone draped in waist cloths. The beach side is lined with local eateries which rent out sunbeds at a price. This is a place for both sky and sea sports. Along the coast you will see seaweed patches and beyond the reef breaks the beautiful blue/green/teal colored sea.
Abhinav Ranjan
Our car drove straight to a long ride to the southernmost beach of the place called Pandawa Beach. Once you start the ride down the beach road the first thing you notice is unlike any other beach huge idols of all the Pandava brothers and their mother Kunti who are treated as heroes of Mahabharata. It's all made of natural limestone cliffs that have been carved to create a road. This was actually a hidden beach till 2012 when this road was made. From here we took right as we wanted to explore the area with a calmer beach. One can also go left to have a stone filled beach ideal for some surfing. And wow what a sight it was in middle of all those cliffs lay the most picturesque, exquisite and exotic beach whose water is a combination of green and blue. The secret story of green colour is from seaweed farming by the locales nearby. The look is eventually elevated to unfathomable natural sea panorama with the presence of white sand, blue sky and Surf.
Paragliding at the Pandava Beach This is one of the best things we did in Bali (another bucket list ticked, while I would like to do it again but in a different terrain now). Its best to book it online in Bali. The guys are super safe and not for a moment did I feel scared or unsure. Within moments of getting into the gear I was up in the sky with wind in my hair, sun on my face and clear blue water and white sand underneath. Pandava beach is one of the best beaches in Bali & the view was spectacular. It was a ride of a lifetime, till I started feeling sick (guess my vertigo problem kicked in ☹️). Overall, it’s a must do in Bali