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Wagah Border

Tasneem Merchant
Wagah Border demarcates the land between India and Pakistan. One can see the entrances to both these countries. The Indian BSF (Border Security Force) soldiers who guard these lines are over 6ft tall! Each evening a special ceremony is performed whereby the gates to the border are closed. People are permitted to watch this, however, depending on the circumstances photography may or may not be allowed. After the ceremony is done, the crowds are free to interact with these guards. However, how much the guards respond to you is well, upto them! Be sure to be early in order to catch the best seats the fastest, otherwise the show might just get housefull!
Sara Suri
Wagah Border, the only open border crossing India and Pakistan and which is officially accessible by both the nations hosts a closing ceremony as 'lowering of the flags' ceremony. It is a daily martial custom that the security forces of India (Border Security Force) and Pakistan (Sutlej Rangers) have mutually followed since 1959. This interesting ceremony takes place every evening before sunset, around 5:30 pm.
Crossing over the Wagah border was one of the most awaited aspects of our visit, especially because of the momentousness of the event of walking across to a land that was hostile and -- at the same time -- an extension of us. The actual crossing is also ceremonial in many ways -- you are required to get down from your vehicle and physically walk over the actual border -- adding further gravity to the moment. What was most heartwarming was how welcomed we felt, most officials breaking codes of propriety to offer us tea and invite us home. Both occasions -- crossing over and back -- are likely to be experiences we can recount by the second for the rest of our lives.