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Similan Islands Lam Kaen Phang-nga Thailand

Neha Singh
The Similan Island is an archipelago consisting of nine smaller islands. The coral white sand beaches are sometimes completely deserted and make for a perfectly idle vacation spot. One side of the island is dominated by huge boulders while the other side is covered by thickets of bamboo and jackfruit trees. The islands have breathtaking diving sites. Beautiful tropical fish and massive coral gardens can be found at just 6 or 7 m into the water. With an impressive marine biodiversity comprising several unique fish species, sea fans, barrel fans, underwater caves and shallow reefs, Similan Islands are a haven for divers and snorkelers.4. Floating Markets
Lovely small islands with crystal clear waters and white-sand beaches. Less crowded.
Jenny McIver
During a 4-day stay in Phuket, I took an excellent day trip out to the Similan Islands.