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I had the fortune of visiting two small local islands - Maafushi and Gulhi that are within 2 hours from Male by ferries that locals use. The ferry from Male will cost you less than $2! Caveat - there is only one ferry on most days and none on Friday. Ferry schedules are accessible at Tiny Maafushi is the capital of the independent travel scene in Maldives and is already heavily commercialized. Almost every home has either already been converted into a guest house or is in the process of being so. Gulhi is relatively quieter, even smaller and has only a couple of guest houses as of now. It is ironic that the very move that has made these gems accessible to common travelers is already jeopardizing the sustainability of their natural splendour.
Purushendra Kumar
Maldives really is the Sunny Side of Life and even a little sunburn is worth it :)
Neha jain - sweety
For those who are explorers and adventurous, I would suggest staying at Maafushi island.
Isabel Leong
In Maafushi, we stayed at Kaani Village and Spa, one of the few hotels in Maafushi to have a pool, for SGD93 per night. We liked how our room faces the small stretch of pool, that when you open your room door, you can dive right into the pool! Velana Hotel is another hotel we'd recommend in Maafushi. It faces the opposite end of the more touristy beach, but on the plus side you get to stay away from the crowd. They recently celebrated their 1st anniversary, so their rooms are still very newly furnished. We particularly liked that they have indoor, outdoor garden and outdoor beach dining options. We were recommended by a local to try their dinner menu out, and we were impressed not just by the plating, but also the taste of the food! If you're at Velana Hotel, say hello to the friendly black little cat for me! Search these hotels onAgoda or Food
Anusha Ranganathan
The blue skies, blue seas, white sands and a friend is all you need for a perfect vacation, catching up and a lifetime of memories.
Neesha Shaik
Private Island for yourself:We took a day long trip to the picnic island from the hotel. Many resorts offer this kind of trips where you will be taken to a small island. You will be left on a private island to yourself for a day. The hotel will make all the necessary arrangements on the island and will pick you up in the evening. Surrounded with four sides of water, a beach side hut, barbecue lunch on the beach, beautiful coral with lots of fishes, I could not ask for more. We got completely tanned spending the whole day on the beach. Spending a day on a private island was like a dream come true.
We had taken a day trip from our guesthouse to 2 snorkelling sites and we had lunch at a sand bank. It costs about 30 USD per person and it includes lunch and all the snorkelling equipment that you will need. Be sure to apply sun block as the sun is really strong there. If you have a waterproof bag, I would highly recommend that you bring that along as well, as the bag will keep all your electronics dry.
This is the local island, Maafushi Island. In order to get here from the airport, you will need to take a speedboat. Prior to arrival, please check with your guesthouse if they offer speedboat transfer and you can make arrangements with them directly. Alternatively, you may search travel forums to see if there are any other travellers who is going to the same island as you on the same day and time. You can check if they would like to share a speedboat transfer as that would reduce your costs. Basically there are no proper roads on this island, just sand everywhere. You can walk the entire island in 15 minutes. One thing to note is that Maldives is a muslim country, hence you will need to be at least in shorts and t-shirt when you are walking around the island. Bikinis and swimming trunks can only be worn at a designated beach area on the island.
hide in a chair
this is the island where the budget travellers stays in, they have guesthouses ranging from 65$ - 200$ per night. there are also plenty of excurcion place here, like sand banks, snorkling, whale swimming and many more. there are also a place to eat that is cheap, and delicious,,,