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Senado Square

Senado SquareSenado Square is the bustling city centre of Macao. This paved downtown square was an assembly area for Chinese and Portuguese traders and has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Senado Square is still one of the fashionable shopping areas of Macao. We noticed this place was full of tourists.St. Augustine’s SquareSt. Augustine’s Square is another paved street located close to Senado Square. It is surrounded by a host of building that form the Historic Centre of Macao. Dotted with trees and benches, St. Augustine’s Square has a relaxed vibe and provided a breather after a long day of sightseeing.Old City WallsThe Portuguese built a wall to protect Macao in the 16th and 17th century. The wall was a unique construction made with a mixture of sand, rocks, rice straw, oyster shells and clay. With the passage of time, the wall collapsed but the remnant Sections of the Old City Walls have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.Church of St. JosephThe St. Joseph’s Church is one of the finest instances of baroque architecture in Asia. This 18th century church was the hub of missionary activities in Japan, China and surrounding locations. We love old architecture and this mausoleum struck us with awe.Guia FortressGuia Fortress, a Portuguese fort built in the 17th century is located at supposedly the highest point of Macao. It houses a chapel and lighthouse and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We went in the evening and got a beautiful view of Macao City from this place.
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One of the most popular places to see in Macau, Senado Square is always bustling with tourists and locals making it one of the top Macau tourist places. The Square isnt just about shops, restaurants, and offices, this is an important World Heritage Site as announced by UNESCO since it well portrays the magical history of Macau.
As if understanding my feeling, my new friend suggested that we should go eat something. He started talking about food all of a sudden. He must also be as hungry as I was.His description of Chinese and Portuguese food that Macao offers made me more hungry!"Have you heard of bamboo noodles with shrimp roe? If not , maybe tonight we will have it!". He had already made a decision.
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