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Mercado San Miguel

Lunch at Mercado de San Miguel, which was two kinds of paella, four types of tapas and chorizos followed by churros dipped in chocolate sauce – tick, tick, tick and tick.Get lost while looking for the night’s flamenco show venue – tick.Dare to ask suspicious looking man with pony tail and John Lennon-ish sunglasses, smoking in the back of randomly parked car, for directions (my father was convinced this man was a peddler) – tick.
Sabrina Valles
For 18 euros each, we enjoyed an hour-long show with a glass of sangria. At the restaurant, we ended up paying an additional 17 euros for tapas, the infamous small plates of food found throughout Spain. This restaurant does serve dinner at the rate of 55 euros through the hostel’s partnership. I absolutely loved the sangria. In regards to the tapas, they were okay. If Jackie and I had planned ahead, I would have preferred to eat at the bustling Mercado del San Miguel, a food hall that is located nearby.
Parampara Patil Hashmi
Mercado De San MiguelAll that Spanish food heaven, it’s right here at the Mercado de San Miguel! Market of San Miguel is a small local market/complex with a variety of Spanish delicacies under one roof. Right from your Paella, Sea-food, Jamuns and Sangrias to the influenced food culture that has grown here, this spot offers a range of all. The food here is decently priced with a variety of food and serving options to pick from. Choose to snack or dine, make sure you visit here.NightlifeThere’s no such thing as waiting-for-a-weekend when it comes to partying in Madrid. The Spanish capital has the largest number of clubs and bars all over Europe. Everyday is your day to party! Don’t be surprised if you’re offered free entry into a club on a weekday. The party goes on all night!Gran Via Street, is your go-to street, full of nightclubs it’s called the ‘Street that never sleeps’.MADRID: DAY 2