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This place initially sounds too good to be true with the clean waters, peaceful atmosphere and surrounding greenery. The Karde- Dapoli Beach just a few hours from the Mumbai- Pune Expressway is an exotic location. There are also a number of holiday resorts here where you can stay and also enjoy the seafood they serve in their authent in their authentic style. The fish fry and fish curry amongst all are not to be missed at all. They also serve a number of delicious Konkani vegetarian dishes.
Sonia Revankar
The patterned black sand of Karde garnished the extensive beach. Again, how intricate yet bold! What nature does and how intricately it carves even the toughest rocks, makes you think about the force and yet the daintiness of the natural world. From the sandy beach, we hopped on to the rocky raging sea. The energy and vigour of the ocean made my blood rush faster through my veins. I kept thinking, how can such rage carve rocks so delicately, how can the green have so many shades and each pleasing to the eye, how can the silky grain of sand make such long beaches…. Salute to the mother nature is all I concluded…