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Korlai is a famous beach in Mumbai, 20kms ahead of Alibaug.
Korlai: A small but incredibly beautiful beach, Korlai has a lot to offer. It is a dwarf when compared to Akshi or Nagaon, but comes with a lighthouse and a derelict Portuguese fortress to explore. It was an erstwhile Portuguese outpost on the seas from long ago - all that remains today are broken walls holding centuries of memories, a whitewashed chapel standing out against the azure skies, a towering view of the nearby villages and of course whistling winds that breeze by as you sit underneath a shady bower, listen to a deeply melancholic cooing dove and almost think of becoming a poet, dazed in the romanticism of the place. Overall, there are lots to walk around the fortress and the hills on which it is sprawled. Take some time to appreciate the aerial view from the fortress of the small but beautiful Korlai beach and the meandering road nearby. Once you are satiated in the fortress, you can exercise your lungs by climbing up a nearby lighthouse, and then cap it all by plunging / walking on the nearby sandy scimitar of the Korlai beach. 3 hours from Mumbai and makes for a wonderful day trip. Distance: 112 km from Mumbai via State Highway 104 Where to stay: Best options would be along Alibaug and Nagaon in the north and Kashid in the south, which are not very far off options What else: Kashid beach is a popular destination, around 15 kms to the south of Korlai. The Phansad wildlife sanctuary is also close by for those enthused by wildlife
Sarthak Anil Phatak
Loved its Portuguese architecture and importantly location
Sarthak Anil Phatak
This is the village where some people still speak Konkani and Portuguese mix dialects.
If you are lucky, you’ll find this beach and the crowds won’t or in the other case, you’ll miss it too! Korlai, 20kms ahead of Alibaug from Mumbai is quite un-spottable. It lies on a perfect story setting – on a village road around the hill which slopes down to this beach. For directions’ sake, it’s a little ahead of a town called Revdanda. Korlai is small and serene, it’s got a rocky, green back protecting the white sands and the privacy of its visitors (believe me, there aren’t many). We recommend a visit to the lighthouse and the Portuguese fort, both for some memorable views of the sea! But, the nearest accommodation is a little away at Kashid or Nagaon and so the best idea is to stock up and set camp on the Korlai sands! It’s advisable to take your own four wheels but once you find it, it guarantees all the seclusion and bliss you were looking for!