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This is a very small and remote village on the base of Fort Prabalgadh. The beauty of this place is due to its rustic location where you find lots of nature and no pollution at all. You will be able to see animals and birds freely residing in this area. You have to keep your car and trek for about an hour to reach the village where not many people stay. It is more of a watch point and less of a village.
Sumit Gupta
Babu Reddy
Woke up at 6am and started trek to Kalavantin by 7am. We were able to reach the base of kalvanting durg by 7.30am but the ascend is too steepy and scary.
Babu Reddy
We reached Prabhalmachi by 4PM and we kept our luggage in local accommodation and started to one of the dangerous yet adventerous trek "Prabhalgad"
Manju Gawde
We all gather at Panvel railway station on one pleasant Saturday evening ,We took public transport to reach base village of prabalmachi, It was 8pm when we reached to base village and we start walking towards prabalmachi(camping place).We walk for 1:30 hours in the dark and it was a great experience.After 1:30 hours trek we reached to our camping place i.e. prabalmachi .There we ate very authentic marashtrian food pithal and bhakari ,that food was very tasty.After having tasty dinner we got few instruction about morning trek what time we should wake up and all.We spend night in star gazing , singing and talking on lot of different topics.The environment was so energetic and powerful over there and I was literally thanking myself to be there that night.
Traversing the moonlit trail, gradually making our way up the mountain, we came across a local villager. He introduced himself as Balu. On seeing the three of us carrying such big backpacks, he offered to accompany us for the remaining trail since it was dark. From the base village, the walk up to the plateau takes around 1 hr 30 and is an easy route winding through the mountain. The four of us reached the plateau by 8 P.M. We started clearing out the ground to pitch our tent. The plateau offered a marvelous view of Panvel outskirts. The city lights seemed like jewels scattered all over entire landscape. Balu took us to his house where his family cooked dinner for us. The food was delicious and something we were craving for after the hike. Now with a full belly, we got back to pitching our tent. We spent the night spotting constellations sitting by a bonfire.